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How to Develop Your SEO Strategy and Start Getting Clicks From Google

You should take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) very seriously if you want your site to rank and perform well. What SEO does is – it allows you to optimize your site’s content so that it … Read more

How to Reset WordPress Password on Localhost

wordpress reset password

Hello, everyone if you are a WordPress user then you definitely think at some point in time that if you forgot your WordPress password then what will happen or you already forgotten it. If this is your problem then

How to Install WordPress on GoDaddy Managed WP Hosting


Looking for the procedure to install WordPress on GoDaddy? Then it is the right place to find out. WordPress is open source software, which provides a very famous blogging platform, which is

WordPress pluggable.php File Error

plugguable function

Are you a WordPress user? Have you have marked the issue with Pluggable.php on your favorite website? If yes, don’t worry! “Pluggable.php File” is a widespread error faced by many WordPress users. Now you must think on the solution part right?

Secure Connection Error in WordPress – How to Fix It?

Secure Connection Error in WordPress – How to Fix It

WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly platform for a website. Most of the websites are normally running on WordPress and one common problem most of the website owners are facing which is secure connection error. So what is the issue in real and how to fix this WordPress error? Yes, these are some basic questions most of the website owners want to know. In this post we are going to di

How to Fix WooCommerce Template Overriding Problem

How to Fix the Woocommerce Template Overriding Problem

Okay so you follow Woo-commerce Documentation and created a woo-commerce folder in your theme dir and placed your edited archive-product.php and other woo-commerce template you want to override default woo-commerce template but its not working ?