No matter the type of website, images are an important component. Before you even start questioning the importance of images, try and imagine your favorite website or blog without one. Will you be interested to read about cars, technology, fashion or food, and makeup if that website had no featured images?

Did you notice that if you try to use the import/export tool of WordPress to move data or post from a particular platform to another, featured images are not included in that data? Suppose you have the small blog or site then, obviously, you may re-upload those featured images, however don’t you think it is waste of time for you to re-upload the features image separately when you import or export the whole data.

What’s the featured image?

Even though the featured image is another media file, which you may add to WordPress, this deserves some special treatment. This type of picture will help you to grab your visitor’s attention. It’s used to attract individuals in reading your stories, increase your blog visual quality, and it also plays a notable role in social media sharing. Thus, do not neglect the importance of the featured image.

How to Move WordPress Featured Images With Post? 1

Here in this post, I will help you out by giving you some solutions on how you can include the featured image when you import or export data from two WordPress sites. Let us get started and read our step-by-step procedure on how to move Featured Images in WordPress with the post.

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WordPress Import and Export Featured Images

Exporting Blog Posts with the Featured WordPress Images

  • First, you have to install the following plugin on your website that you want to export your blog posts from & activate it:
  • Go on ‘Tools -> Export’ & select ‘Posts’ check ‘Export Media with the Selected Content’:
  • Move your blog posts with the featured images. 
  • Click on ‘Download Export File’ & save this to your system.

Importing Blog Posts with the Featured Images

  • First, go on a new WordPress installation where you want to move your blog posts and click on Tools -> Import.
  • Select WordPress and install or activate the WordPress Importer plugin.
  • Import your file that you have saved on your system/ desktop in the third step and you are done!

With the help of this plugin, you may easily migrate your blog posts and keeping featured images in the proper place. So, here are some tips to follow:

  • Suppose you are having many different blog posts then it’s good that you can export them in a few batches in order to avoid any timeouts. You can do it in three or six-month batches. Or you can easily do by changing its date range during an export process and importing files slowly on your new site.
  • Make sure you assign or import post authors rightly when you start the process of importing. It can ensure all authors of your posts stay consistent with the previous site.
  • Ensure you move images that are in the post content to your new website through FTP and ensure the URL of that image is right. You may move entire wp-content or uploads folder just to ensure images are in place, I generally prefer not doing it so the new website is clean.

Final Words

I hope this tutorial has saved you enough time on the next migration. For any queries and tips, you can leave it in our comments section below!