The Right Way to Use Social Media Platforms for Marketing Your Brand

When it comes to business management these days, there are different innovative ways in which you can ensure that you get a more extensive exposure from a wider sphere of prospective clients. There are various types of business all of which can be conducted with the help of internet today. The internet has made it easier than ever before to have a startup of your own with minimum capital. If you have a good understanding of the business strategies and how you can incorporate the internet into business management, then you can easily obtain results from the online business as well. The craze for social media platforms has increased manifolds in the past few years, and marketers across the world see much potential in these platforms for business management. If you have an expert team working for you, or you’re on the hunt for finding branding San Francisco collaborators, you can use the social media platforms to your advantage for business promotion. 

Social media platforms 

Various social media platforms are available today and for a complete and overall business promotion, connecting with your audience is a must these days. The internet has made it easier than ever before to have access to all kind of information for the everyday people. Hence the target audience of any business expects to have a significant connection with the brand in one way or the other. As a brand, if you can use the internet to your advantage then you can easily ensure that you get many clients and traffic with the help of the internet. Here we are going to specifically focus on business promotion through the social media platforms and share specific tips which would help you ensure your brand gets a consistent flow of traffic through the internet.

Connect with all social media platforms

That is the key to making sure you have a better chance of getting more and more traffic on your website. You can connect as a brand on every popular social media platform like the Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many more. Millions of people across the world majorly access one or the other or all these social media platforms and spent a liberal amount of time browsing through them. Hence as a brand, you can make the most of the potential that these platforms have in them. When you have an active account on every platform, your chances of gaining more audience is also increased manifolds. However, handling so many different accounts can be very time consuming, and if you do not regularly update and respond to all these accounts, your account will stagnate which must be avoided.

Be responsive

The customer would take into account your professionalism and how promptly you respond to any comment or query that any customer leaves at any of these accounts. It is hence essential that you be responsive and react positively to all the comments, statuses, questions, direct messages, and make sure that you never fail to respond satisfactorily. It can be done by employing a separate team for social media management so that they can take care of all the accounts and response on time. Your social media behavior can influence to a large extent the attitude your customers have about your brand so make sure you avoid any negative confrontation online very diplomatically. Responding to the entire queries and complaints can feel overwhelming at times, and it is natural to feel frustrated mainly if you get many complaints, but it must not become evident that you are feeling annoyed while replying negative confrontations.

Videos and images

Visual objects always have a better impact on the mind of the people and since the people, these days are rather fast paced and have a lesser span of attention, the visual modes appear more appealing to them. Come up with innovative, fun videos about the behind-the-scenes of the brand which can pique the interest of your audience. You can find free SVG files online to make visually stimulating graphics. They would also feel honored and more connected with you when you let them into your company’s inner circle in some way. Instagram and Snapchat are currently the ruling social media platforms for sharing videos and images online. But reaching the top takes a lot of effort. Sometimes users choose to have growth tools like Stormlikes to boost their Instagram account. Stormlikes reviews reflect a good vibe on growth tools for Instagram as well. That’s why social media users keep looking for quality growth tools for their social sites.

Create value across social media content

Social media is now all about creating value. It is rarely about populating the platform with a flood of posts of low quality. While building your social media strategy, you must remember that it is always quality over quantity. Target your posts towards specific markets and ensure that each one speaks a significant message.

You need to target your messages towards the readers. To engage your followers, en masse, you need to craft messages that are motivational, inspirational, informational or educational. For example – you can create a post about your new product. When you do so, include the details of the product in a smart and exciting infographic form. It will help you garner the attention of real followers.

Utilize the influencer powers

Each social media platform comes with their own set of social media influencers. These are the social celebrity accounts that have thousands and sometimes millions of followers. Social media influencers often endorse a brand or a particular kind of lifestyle. For example – one person with 100,000 followers may be vegan, a yoga lover, a meditation freak and a representative of cruelty-free, healthy living. Organic food labels or cruelty-free cosmetics labels can efficiently utilize their fame and followership to promote their products. 

Your brand must always find an influencer that thinks alike to leverage the power of these influencers. Picking a social celebrity with followership that does not align with your target group can be problematic for your brand and your products. 92% of the customers trust the influencers more than the advertisements and promotions. 2018 is going to be a huge for all kinds of influencer marketing, and it is time you made a move towards finding your own brand influencer before your competitors hogged them all.

Sharing at the right time

Although this is a genuine fact, still many content marketers seem to overlook this concept. To get the maximum user engagement, you need to make sure that the content reaches as many people as possible. So, you need to share using the right platform at the right time when your users are online and active. Try to compile a specific posting schedule and make sure that you post that time every day. Always remember, that the peak times are not the same for all the social media platforms.


There are various social media platforms, and with the right dedication to your brands, you can easily reap the maximum outcome from them. The quality of the service is dependent on the agency you rely on for handling your social media accounts. It can be concluded that the social media platforms are inevitably playing a significant role in the promotion of the companies. It can change the entire outlook towards promotion for the business, and this is a significant reason why many brands are slowly shifting towards these options. Despite the trouble of debt, social media promotion can be consistently managed because of its affordable nature.

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