Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them_

If you are a new WordPress user and you are facing multiple problems while setting up WordPress on your site, then you are in good hands. This post is focused on the most common WordPress … Read more

Major Benefits of Using the WordPress Platform

Major Benefits of Using the WordPress Platform

WordPress is one of the most simple and free CMS platforms with many amazing features and customization possibilities. This can also be used for developing any type of website, whether it is for the small business or large enterprise. Here in this blog, we will look at some major benefits of using Wo

Complete WordPress Gutenberg Guide – Explained in Detail

Complete WordPress Gutenberg Guide

In this post, I am going to introduce you to Gutenberg editor and give you complete overview about its functions and explain you how it works. Let us learn in detail how this new editor works, and share some relevant information about WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

Why your WordPress website needs Maintenance?

Why your WordPress website needs Maintenance

Creating a website is half the job done. Other aspects, including site maintenance, constitute the rest. If you have a WordPress site, don’t take it as a one-time build that is all set to sustain itself throughout the life of your brand or blog. Just like a physical building that requires cleaning, repairs, sprucing and landscaping; a website needs same routine care to be functional.

5 Tricks to Speed Up a Slow Website

Tricks to Speed Up a Slow Website

Have you ever used a search engine and came across a website that you really wanted to visit? Things were fine until you navigated to the home page and it took what seemed like forever to load. Many people give up when web pages don’t load in a reasonable amount of time.

How to Add a WordPress CAPTCHA to Cut Down On Spam

add wordpress captacha

Keeping your WordPress Away from spammers and make sure its Secure is an essential part of website maintenance. There are many steps you must take in order to secure it one of them is adding CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA is a unique feature that you can add to your site to cut down spam.