Best Online Course WordPress Themes for 2021: Create and Sell a Course With Ease

We presume you stumbled across this article because you are just getting started with creating your e-Learning website and or blog that will provide online courses.

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If you do any searching, you will be able to locate numerous online course themes that are a suitable fit for your style or requirement. To make your search a bit easier, we would like to provide you with a list of our favorite ones.

1. Reptro

Reptro preview

Reptro will assist you in creating your online course platform. This SEO-friendly plugin has great features like a drag-and-drop page builder, online courses builder, maintainer, and an easy-to-use student and teacher profile manager, and much more.

Another big plus is the fact that Reptro supports all major payment methods, making life easier for you and your students. By using Reptro online course themes, you will be able to create a stylish page in a few minutes.

2. BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss demo

BuddyBoss is a WordPress plugin that will assist you in publishing online courses and creating membership sites. In this plugin, you will find great layouts and templates that can be used to improve your WordPress dashboard. Also, they can be additionally customized with a page builder.

But what makes this plugin so good is its ability to create and improve the user experience while they are taking your online courses. Features like customizing topics, quizzes, drip-feeding content, lesson timers, course points, assignment management, and many more will improve your sales and ensure success.

3. Eikra

Eikra demo

Eikra is another theme that will help you build and distribute online courses. Several layouts in this plugin are ideal for the design and publication of your online courses. Also, they will provide you with individual lessons, instructor profile pages, feedback, and reviews for your courses.

In a nutshell, the plugin has a variety of styles for universities, schools, and people who would like to create their courses online. Not to mention that Eikra is mobile-friendly. Eikra will convert your website into a perfectly functioning academic center with an active teaching program that will review your courses.

4. Skilled

Skilled demo

If you are looking to create awesome courses on university or college levels, then the Skilled plugin is for you. There you will find calendars, timetables, learning materials, drag and drop tools, and everything essential to making online courses. But the most important feature is that it is very customizable and helps you with creating your unique website.

This plugin includes all Sensei features, such as creating and grading all quizzes, course tracking, and statistics, as well as adding prerequisites for the course, setting LMS functionality, and many more.

5. Edumodo

Edumodo preview

Like all of the themes listed here, Edumodo is another one that could help you create your online courses. This plugin provides you with demos that can be imported into your website with just a few clicks. Also, you can easily integrate them into your university’s websites, personal tutors’ websites, or primary schools’ websites.

But that is not all. This plugin provides you with a style picker, typography settings, organizable archives, events calendar integrations, quizzes, animation sliders, and a drag-and-drop page builder.

6. Baby Kids

Baby Kids demo

Baby Kids is very competent at creating just about any learning and or teaching program. But because of its bright appearance, it will shine the most when it comes to creating awesome children’s activities. Baby Kids may be used in a variety of cases, including not just schooling but also childcare and summer camps.

You will love the customization options offered by this theme. It will provide you with features such as advanced search, visual composer and page builder, masonry layout, a teacher section, metabox, custom posts like academic subjects, or various other school activities builders.

7. Kingster

Kingster demo

Kingster is an expertly made learning management system for universities, colleges, and schools with customizable courses. With just a few clicks, you can make and sell your courses online. The page builder is smooth and fast, so no worries there.

Using the integrated color picker will open a world of many opportunities for your courses and demos and make them high quality. With their unlimited options, header layouts, and themes, you can be sure that the course selling page of your dreams is within reach.

8. Efor

Efor homepage

Efor is an awesome SEO-friendly theme for online courses, but if you want to attract new customers, and of course, visitors because you never know when a visitor will become a customer. With this plugin, you can grow your students’ bases and communicate with them, create popups with a drag-and-drop tool, gain access to an awesome blog system, add unlimited sidebars, and reach WooCommerce support.

9. Clever Course

Clever Course demo

Clever Course is another LMS made for selling and furnishing your online courses. By using this theme, your students can see overviews of your content, and as students finish classes, you may track their progress in the dashboard.

You may offer existing courses or allow teachers to create an account and get paid a predetermined transaction fee on every course that they sell. By doing things this way, you can enrich your offer and attract even more interested and potential customers.

10. Smarty

Smarty demo

The last theme that we will recommend is Smarty. This is a modern learning management system designed to help both teachers and students along the way. It already contains several ready-made options to change colors, but also add everything else that you need, things like calendars, events, schedules, food menus in the canteens, teacher contacts, and much more.


After reading this article, you will have no difficulty in selecting a great theme that’s bounty to match your teaching style and aesthetic preferences.

Because of its time flexibility and accessibility, eLearning has grown in popularity over time, and we hope that these themes will assist you in creating your eLearning website.

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