Best Website Speed Testing Tools: Identify and Fix Performance Issues

Your website’s speed has a direct impact on SEO and conversion rates. Loading time is one of the most significant issues for an e-Commerce store. It’s as simple as that: if your website is slow, you’ll lose customers.

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Nobody likes to wait for a website to load. And making improvements in other areas without taking the time to fix loading time might be an expensive mistake. Are you now looking for the top website performance testing tools for 2022? This is the exactly right place to be.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Page Speed Insights

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a free service that allows you to test your website’s performance and get recommendations for how to improve it. It’s worth your time because it’s the most popular page speed analysis tool available. Its main task is to give you feedback on how well your website loads.

Simply copy and paste the URL of your website and click on “Analyze.” The program will analyze your website and give you a score as well as performance data. A separate category called “User Experience” is included in the rating of your site in a mobile report.

Using this tool, you can also check your viewport settings, the size of your touch targets(buttons and links), etc. You might also want to check out the PageSpeed Insights team’s new website speed test tool on “think with Google.”

Pingdom Speed Test

Pingdom homepage

Pingdom provides you with data on which elements on your page take the longest to load. Additionally, history tabs will show you how your page loading performance has improved over time. It tests your page loading time and provides you with a complete analysis of your site’s overall performance.

You can sort the results based on numerous factors such as load order, load size, and so on. Pingdom is one of the most popular online performance testing tools, allowing you to evaluate the speed of any website from one of 70 global polling locations.

KeyCDN Website Speed ​​Test

Key CDN Speed Test

KeyCDN is a website performance test tool that is both quick and minimal, allowing you to get quick and accurate information. KeyCDN provides a number of free testing tools that can be used to assess the performance and speed of any website. It allows you to broadcast the test results so that visitors are aware of the website’s high-speed capabilities.

With this tool, you can also choose from 14 distinct geographical locations all over the world. The test includes a waterfall breakdown and a visual website sample at the bottom of the page. It’s incredibly responsive and works with practically all mobile devices.



GTmetrix examines both page speed and YSlow data in great depth, giving your site a letter grade ranging from F to A. It provides access to page performance data without paying a fee or asking for registration. Simply go to the website, copy the URL of the page you want to analyze, and wait for the findings to appear.

Create a free account or upgrade to the paid version if you require more detailed monitoring. GTmetrix also gives page information such as the number of requests, total size, and page load time. Analyze the loading time of your website from 67 servers in 22 different locations.


Uptrends website speed

This is the simplest website speed test tool, allowing you to check your website from 35 different locations. Select the size of the browser window you’ll use for your test, and see the results. Use all HTML, CSS, pictures, and scripts to evaluate your website’s performance in the most recent browser versions.

Final Thoughts

Any of these top 2022 speed test tools will help you get started on the way to better performance.

You and your development team can create preferences for a certain feature set or report format as you try them out. And what’s the best part? The majority of them are completely free! So, how do you feel about the top website performance testing tools listed? Have any of them piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments section.

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