Tomba – The Best Way to Find Professional Email Addresses

Do you want to reach people in your niche or potential customers but cannot find their email addresses? You don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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Tomba features

Here is an overview of the no. 1 software to find the professional email address of people you would like to connect with. Welcome to Tomba.


  • Domain Search
  • Email finder
  • Email verifier
  • Phone number finder and verifier
  • Team management
  • Lead management
  • CRM integration
  • API & webhooks

Tomba is available as an extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. It has an available add-on for Google Sheets and Microsoft and can perform some of the tasks in bulk.

Tomba Review

Tomba homepage

Tomba lets you instantly export bulk lists of potential customers or prospects. All you have to do is to connect Tomba to the app you want to use. The app will then find and verify email addresses using Microsoft or Google Sheet add-ons.

With the software, you can also perform lead management and organize your data and information. For example, you can add information like first name, last name, organization your lead works in, website, country, and more.

Tomba collects the email addresses using the two following methods:

  • It collects publicly available professional email addresses using TombaPublicWebCrawler.
  • Guesses the email addresses using algorithms

With Tomba, users can try and match contacts with their current position, phone number, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. They can also search contacts by country, sources, date of extraction, last seen, URL, genre, and more.

Extra features include:

  • Company information finder
  • Email pattern checker
  • Email search for specific job title
  • Email addresses exporter in CSV
    Confidence Score for every email found
  • Email sharer to easily share contacts with team members

Best for:

  • Marketers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Sales Managers

Tomba Pricing

Tomba pricing

This software is available for a one-time purchase of $89.

Tomba comes with the following features:

  • Access to the database of 400m+ B2B contacts
  • 500 search requests and 100 phone verification
  • Domain export, email finder, email verification, enrichment, author finder
  • Extension and integrations
  • Google Sheets & Microsoft add-ons
  • Lead management
  • Add 2 team members
  • Bulk domain search and verification
  • API & webhooks

Users have the option to stack three codes and get the following:

  • 2500 search requests, 500 phone finders, and 5000 verification requests monthly
  • 5 team members
  • If you stack five codes total, you can upgrade to the following:
  • 10,000 search requests, 1,000 phone finder and 20,000 verification requests per month
  • 10 team members

Tomba team offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can get your money back within two months after the purchase, assuming you are unsatisfied with the service.

Why should you choose Tomba?

Question mark on chalk board

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Includes many useful features
  • Developer ready
  • Tomba updates its base regularly
  • Worldwide coverage

Wrapping up

We all know how important networking is. The truth is that the right contact can sometimes be the key to success. Tomba is a great option if you want to find high-quality leads for your product or service. Moreover, with the software, you can also find the email addresses of your potential partners.

Tomba is fast and straightforward to use and has various terrific features. So, you will be able to find the leads you need and organize them in a neat database too.

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