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Everyone, whether in school, employed by one of the top five companies in the country, or unemployed, receives emails. You could have sensitive information stored on them, including files you sent and those you received.

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Sealit stands out as a great option because it doesn’t require a password. Your first question may be: “How can something that doesn’t need a password protect sensitive emails and files?”

Sealit is a biometric email and file security system that uses the zero trust policy. You can feel completely safe using it. As long as Sealit protects your devices, you can rest assured that they cannot be hacked in any way.

A single mouse click is all it takes to ensure your data is encrypted and your system is completely safe. Sealit works with popular services like Outlook, Gmail, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. This means you can use it without worrying about whether or not it will work with your preferred platform.

If you have read up to this point and are interested in learning more, you should continue reading. In the following paragraphs, we will go over everything Sealit offers in greater detail.

Best Features

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This service offers the highest level of security possible by utilizing end-to-end encryption. This keeps all of your files and emails organized and safe. Anyone trying to access your emails or files will receive a notification saying that they are encrypted and, as a result, cannot be accessed without permission.

What we mean when we say encryption is protecting information by converting it into code. If you are using Sealit, you can decode that code to gain access to the protected information. As the user, you can get a key to decrypt it whenever you feel the need to do so.

When it comes to cyber-attacks, human error is almost always to blame, but if you follow these steps, you can simply avoid being a victim.

Sealit will also provide you with add-ons, which means that you can encrypt your emails with a single click no matter your email service, including Gmail and Outlook. You will never have to endure time-consuming downloads or ever waste time again attempting to get something to work.

If you use Sealit to encrypt your data, no one will be able to access it until you permit them to do so. That is to say that you have complete control over all of your data and do not need to be concerned about what will make happen.

You can invite someone to access your secure activity dashboard and give them access to protected data. This person could be a member of your team or a partner.


We emphasized in the past that using Sealit makes the need for passwords a thing of the past, but we haven’t talked about how the software protects you if you do not use a password. Sealit is a biometric email and file security system, which implies that it authenticates users through their biometric data.

In other words, it will never ask you for a password, but you will continue to enjoy the highest level of protection possible. Sealit eliminates the stress regarding the complexity of your passwords or whether or not you will be able to remember them in the future.

Why Seailit?

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What is it about Sealit that makes it so unique? Sealit is the ideal choice for protecting all of your data because it does not require anything complicated. Once you start using it, the entire process is straightforward because you do not even need a password.

Not only can you do all of these things, but you can also set up intelligent email protection prompts that will notify you if any of your data is being sent to incorrect recipients.

Your emails and files are inaccessible to everyone, including Sealit, because the data is encrypted using biometric information. You can access them yourself using Face ID or Touch ID, ensuring the highest possible level of protection.


Our research showed that Sealit delivers the best file and email protection. Because it uses biometrics instead of a password, your information is more secure. It’s easy to use and guarantees that only you will have access to your encrypted data.  You can get whatever you need with one click.

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