Know How to Set up Google Analytics Yourself


Online world has become way too competitive. Netcraft ran a survey in 2012 where they found that almost 140,000 websites are launched per day. This was 5 years back which means the number would have obviously grown.

Are All those Websites Visited?


Some of the site owners do not have any idea if they have any visitors or not. In some cases, people lose their customers just because they are not aware of their website traffic.

This brings us to the main topic which is Google Analytics.

Forget about Google Analytics, What is Analytics?

Analytics is a term used for finding important information and statistics about anything. All these number crunching data is used to have insights into working of any business. This information can be used for future planning, risk analysis, lead generation etc.


Why Should you Choose Google Analytics over Other Analytical tools?

Google Analytics a free tool provided by Google for getting all the insights about your website or mobile applications. First benefit of using Google Analytics is that it is provided by Google that already has overwhelming data with it. Google Analytics will answer the following questions for every business:

  • How many visitors are coming to your website?
  • From where your visitors are accessing your website?
  • In which web page your visitors are landing on your website?
  • Which browsers are being used while opening your website?
  • What keywords got your visitors on the website?

With all these details, you can clearly know what is working for you and what not. If you really want your business to grow, you must get Google Analytics integrated.

How to Setup Google Analytics For a Website

“You do not need an expert for setting up a Google Analytics account.”

If you are not a technical person but need your website’s analytical data, worry not because we got your back. Here is a step by step guide for layman using which one can setup Google Analytics on website like any other pro.

Create Google Analytics Account

You can sign up using your existing email id or use a new one. As per recommendation you should choose one professional email for all your business purposes.

Create Google Analytics Account

When you click on Sign Up you are supposed to set up a New Google Analytics Account.

set up a New Google Analytics Account

Choose between website and mobile app that you want to track.

After that fill in the Account Name. You can use this account name later to track other websites or mobile

  • Website Name (Not required in case of mobile app)
  • URL of the website (Not required in case of mobile app)
  • Select Industry Category
  • Reporting Time Zone

By default you will see the other options checked. Leave it as it is and click on get tracking ID.

An alert box will appear asking you to accept terms and conditions. Click on I Accept.

You will see this screen that shows your tracking ID for the website that you created the account for.

tracking ID

This is just for one website. You can get multiple websites added under one account and switch between them by clicking on All Web Site Data on upper left corner of your dashboard.

You can create new by clicking on Create New property in the drop down of left bar menu. The same process will be followed again.

Admin Home

When you click on back arrow, admin home screen will open.

google analytics admin home

Here you have all the options to select from. In every section, you have the relevant data that you can use for analytical purposes.

You can switch between various accounts or create new account. 100 is the maximum number of accounts that you can create.
This was all about the setting up Google Analytics account. You can agree that there was nothing that you could not do without my help. Once you start receiving data through Google Analytics, you would need advice on how to use each section for your business growth.

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