Rich Snippets: Does it affect SEO?

People who are using Rich Snippets are already getting the benefit of it. However, this does not mean that you have to have rich snippets on your website. Hence, there is no compulsion to use Rich Snippets for your website. Just for information purpose, I analyzed what all other website owners were doing to get on top of SERPs. I had a chance to interact with 10 such entrepreneurs. One SEO technique common to all these 10 persons was Rich Snippets or That is when I made a point to explore advantages of using rich snippets. Here is all that I have got for you.

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are actually the structured data markups one uses to improve understanding of search engines. It lets the web crawler understand what all information is contained on what page.

To make you understand better, here are two examples of search results.

Clearly, the later one will have more impact on the user because it has information such as ratings,votes price range etc. which lets your user click on your website. And the real motto of SEO is getting your user on your website. This is where the rich snippets help you.

What content can be used to create rich snippets?


Reviews are the most helpful in getting your user click on your website. You can use both individual as well as aggregate review. Reviews tagging is used for individual reviews. For aggregate reviews average of all reviews is shown.


If your business includes staff, investors or any other people; you can display their information. Information that should be included is name, title and contact information.

This is helpful for e-commerce websites especially. You have to get the details of your products like name, image, brand, description, image, currency etc. The more information you provide, better it will be for your customer. You also make use of lowPrice and highPrice.

Businesses and Organizations

Give details of your business by mentioning proper address, geo-location, name, contact number, logo etc.


If you have a cooking blog, then you can make use of recipes efficiently. Add this content where you have an option to add details about each recipe. Other than these, you can use Events, Music and Video for entertainment websites. That can serve to get larger masses for your business domain. High quality SEO can get you customers and Rich Snippets is one such method to achieve this goal. Give it a try and you can thank me later. Get WordPress themes that have inbuilt rich snippets to make your job easier.

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