How To Organize Content Ideas on Digital Whiteboards

Artificial intelligence enables technical systems to perceive the environment, consider what they see and solve problems to achieve a goal. The computer receives data (which has already been prepared or collected using its sensors), processes it, and gives answers.

When online marketers come across the term artificial intelligence, the RankBrain algorithm immediately comes to mind. In 2015, Google launched RankBrain, a robotic learning system that uses artificial intelligence to respond to user queries just as a human would.

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Today we are introducing a tool that helps organize content ideas and AI-generated keyword suggestions more easily. With the visually appealing boards offered by this tool, you can organize your content ideas more easily. Let’s learn more about ContextMinds.


ContextMinds website

You know how important visualization is. Therefore, by using this tool, you can visually organize your thoughts. This is tool is simple, quick, and flexible. We can even say that it works best with auto-loading color images. It’s a great tool for creative teams.

First, you need to take a picture of a topic; then, this tool will generate a couple of random pictures with questions. You can ignore them. As you look through the images, you will see phrases or keywords related to the topic. The suggestions get better the more you scroll.

This tool can do more than you can imagine right now. It really is the best in the business. It helps organize content, that is, the visual organization of articles you can find on the Internet. And even though it’s still quite new, it’s already attracted a great number of users.  And the network of users is expanding day by day.

It will provide the best organization, increasing your income and productivity. And with that, you will have all the strings in your hands.

The ContextMinds company has dedicated itself to the development of this tool. They wanted to make organization easier for users because they knew how important it is to achieve results. So they focused on the organization of articles, documents, and videos.

Also, this tool analyzes keyword suggestions and presents you with the best ones you have used the most. This tool also has a content editor that makes it easy to edit articles.

Who is ContextMinds for?

ContextMinds features

ContextMinds can best help bloggers, marketers, and content creators. Of course, it is available to anyone who wants to see what this tool has to offer. It is easy to use. Thus, beginners without prior knowledge and experience will have no problem using it. You can easily find keyword suggestions selected from your previous searches, and the UX is intuitive.

Keyword suggestions are generated by artificial intelligence. It’s time to see how you shouldn’t underestimate AI because it does an amazing job. Organization has never been easier. No matter the volume of content you produce ContextMinds has you covered. You can divide it into subdirectories, subfolders, or folders.

In addition, you can create shortcuts and links that will facilitate the passage of restricted content. This tool is available for Android and iOS.

Final Words

If organization is crucial to you, we believe you will be delighted with this tool. A lot of manual work can be done by artificial intelligence.

AI does an amazing job with keywords, which is why it is becoming more popular. It’s time to try ContextMinds. Simplicity, speed, flexibility… All in one!

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