How to Use Meta Ad Library like a Pro

If you want to track competitors on Facebook and Instagram and better your Meta ads to outperform them you need to use Meta Ads Library.

Meta Ads Library is a searchable and free public database of active ads across Meta platforms. It was created to bring transparency to all ads on Meta’s platforms. There you can see all the ads published in the last seven years.

Since The Meta Ad Library tool launched, advertisers and marketers have used it as a competitor analysis tool. And if you want to become more successful you should use it too and check ad creator facebook.

Why use Meta Ad Library?

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This tool helps you monitor your competition to create a better ad strategy. By analyzing competitor ads and data you can find out what works in the marketing world.
It helps you improve targeting, set budgets, create more relevant and engaging content, determine the best platforms, reduce response time, come up with new creative ideas and manage Instagram and Facebook ad comments from one view.

How to use Meta Ads Library

First, to access the library go to When you see the Search Ads section, you can select your location, and ad category and search by advertiser and keyword. It is crucial to search for keywords that are relevant to your niche and set the right location. You can also select all ads. The search results will be sorted by month, with the current month shown at the top.This tool shows ads exactly how they appear to users. On top of each ad, you can see details such as activity status, the date the ad started running, the platforms used to launch it, and the unique identifier.

If you want to get a close-up version of an ad, click on See ad details. You are also able to see if an advertiser launched multiple versions of an ad. Apply the Advertiser filter to look for a specific competitor.
By doing this you get a clear view of how each competitor is running their brand and what sets their brand apart from others. You see their brand values, how they are targeting their audience, which platforms they use, and what kind of ads they use.

Once you have that insight you figure out how to top their ad strategy. You can also learn from bad competitors to see what they are doing wrong. It is always good to search competitor ads by country or region to create a targeting strategy for each location.
Filters can help narrow down your search and this tool comes with many filters including language, platform, advertiser, media type, active status, and impressions by date.

The platform filter lets you see ads running on each platform (Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram). You can also filter ads by media types such as memes, GIFs, images, videos, and more. You can use impressions by date to see at what particular time ads earned the most impressions. The active status filter helps you find ads that are still running and the ones that have been disabled. By checking both you can find out why some ads perform better than others.

You are also able to see the ads competitors are testing, and you can also test your ads. You can extract valuable data and document takeaways from the Meta Ads library and extract them into an Excel file, and other types of files. This way you can make comparisons between competitors.

Final Words

In order to launch successful Meta campaigns, you need to use the Meta Ads Library to your advantage. There is no better way to one-up any competition and gain valuable insight into powerful ad strategies.

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