Tips to Double Facebook Traffic in No Time

While it is true that social media as a concept existed far before 2004, and some platforms even gained quite a following (prime examples would be AOL and MSN messengers). But none were ever as popular as Facebook. With its staggering growth, Facebook quickly became the number one social media platform, and by 2020, it counted more than 2,5 billion active users.

Even in its earliest stages, Facebook was widely populated with various trading, marketing, and exchange groups. So nobody was surprised when in 2016, Facebook officially launched Facebook Marketplace to help online marketers in their ventures.

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After all, the more traffic your content experiences, the higher the chances you’ll gain popularity and succeed in your ventures. So to make sure your Facebook traffic skyrockets, keep these tips in mind.

Have a constant flow of content

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One of the most important things when it comes to the production of online content is your production consistency. While there are a few (quite rare) creators who thrive in occasional content creation, most content creators need a constant stream of content on their page so that they keep growing their audience base.

Facebook, just like any other website, was built in a way that promotes new and fresh content so that their website’s never perceived as stale and their users keep coming back and engaging with it. Therefore you must keep a steady and constant stream of content to ensure not only that your traffic grows but also that your page always stays relevant.

Find your target audience

While being a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ is often a great thing, in the online world quite peculiarly, it can be quite the opposite. If you try to cast the widest net possible when you create content, you risk being disinteresting to just about everyone. So instead, find your niche and create content from that angle to optimize your visitors’ interest.

This can be applied to almost anything when it comes to content creation, too, after all, people who follow independent journalist pages probably wouldn’t be as interested in that news page if it occasionally posted in-depth analyses of the latest problems in theoretical physics.

Another important aspect of this is monitoring your page’s demographics. After all, creating content for kids, teens, and elderly users can’t be any more different even if you tried. Therefore finding your optimal target audience is key in increasing your Facebook traffic.

Optimize prime posting times

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To continue on from tip number 2, each and every demographic has a specific peak posting time you must utilize. For example, if you wish to market your posts or pages to teens, college students, or even kids, you must take into account that they (generally) spend most of their mornings in schools.

Another important note is that you need to monitor where in the world the majority of your audience comes from. If you intend on creating content for international audiences, you must be aware of different time zones.

For example, if you want to post content at around 20:00 CET (which might be perfect for you in, for example, Belgium) but the majority of your audience is from Australia, you need to be aware that you are technically releasing content at 4:00 ACT and so losing most of your audience interaction against sleep.

Therefore finding the optimal time to post your content is not only crucial for your growth but also the only way to properly succeed on an international level.

Utilize proper post formatting

Creating a properly formatted post may be a lot of work, but it certainly pays off as the majority of Facebook audiences tend to skip past messy and seemingly uncurated posts.

So instead of just copy-pasting lengthy links that seem senseless and writing endless walls of texts, take your time to write a structurally sound and visually pleasing post that engages with your audience as much as possible. And if you want to link things, make sure to utilize proper hyperlinking inside your post as well so that you don’t have any bulky links messing up your post.

Keeping your content engaging and visually pleasing is key in projecting professionalism online as well as keeping your audience interested in your content.

Interconnect your other web content with Facebook

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If you run a blog, youtube channel, eCommerce website, or any other website, make sure to reference and interconnect it with your Facebook page. That way, you’ll be able to create extensive cross-platform marketing campaigns that grow each and every part of your web presence simultaneously.

And considering how popular Facebook is, having addons that easily promote your content on Facebook is a must. That way, if a visitor likes your website, they can instantly share their experience on Facebook, which creates user-based marketing, which is undoubtedly the best form of marketing.

After all, hearing a recommendation from a friend is always more trustworthy than reading an article that was intentionally promoted and might even be sponsored by the same product it’s reviewing.

Final Words

With these tips, you’ll be able to grow your Facebook traffic with ease as they improve not only your posts but also the principle behind optimized content creation too.

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