Instagram for Small Business: Six Tips for Success for Any Business

Instagram is the perfect space to grow your small business. It lets you reach your target audience, raise brand awareness, generate sales, interact with customers, and build a trustworthy brand image.
If you want to make the most of using Instagram for your small business, here are 6 tips to help you succeed.

1. Sponsored Ads

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The Ad reach on Instagram is now bigger than ever. This kind of growth makes Instagram ads perfect for growing a small business on the platform.
Instagram offers accurate targeting and introduces your brand to an audience most likely to enjoy it.
You can run your campaigns in different formats with an Instagram business account. You can even use stories to run ads.

2. Unique Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful tool when it comes to Instagram. You can use them to get a wider reach. Popular hashtags are always efficient, but a unique branded hashtag can bring your business to the next level.
You can use your brand slogan to create a hashtag. That will grow awareness among your followers, bring you free advertising, and creates a strong brand community

3. Post At the Right Time

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Posting at a time your audience is the most active is crucial. It gives you a chance to appear on people’s Instagram feed and gain maximum engagement.
Sunday is a day with the least amount of activity, and it is best to post from six to ten AM (EST) from Monday to Thursday. The best day to post overall is Wednesday.
The ideal time also depends on the industry and follower activity. For example, Wednesday afternoon is the best time for retail.

4. Repost Customers Using Your Products

Encourage your followers to create content. You can also send them free products they can advertise. By featuring customers in your feed, you can build great user-generated content for your profile. Do not forget to credit authors by tagging them. This kind of reposting boosts your account and follower activity. It serves as proof of trust for potential customers and adds a human touch to your account.

5. Add A Link to Your Bio

Customers shouldn’t struggle with finding out how to buy your products. After you finish your Shopify store setup and make it live, add a link to your profile. The link in your bio will make your website easy to access and makes you look more reliable.
You can also add the same link in your post captions to maximize awareness.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers can give your brand more exposure, and sales and increase brand awareness. Discover influencers in your niche, follow them and start building a connection. However, working with Instagram influencers can be expensive, so you can start by letting influencers know about your business. You can send them free gifts and propose an exchange of goods for promotion, make your customers promote, search for micro-influencers or create your own influencers. Collaborations require time, and as your brand evolves, you can look for more expensive influencers with a bigger following.

Final Words

Instagram is the ideal place to grow your small business. There is so much you can do with it, including short sneak peeks, ad campaigns, and promotions. Instagram has a lot to offer, so try these tips and watch your brand grow in no time!

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