How to Export Business Contacts from Google Maps with Data Scraping

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can highly benefit from scraping data. And where to best scrape data from one of Google’s services, such as Google Maps? It is truly one of the most used internet services in the world, as there are more than 80,000 searches carried out on Google every second, which comes up to about a billion daily searches.

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Google Maps Scraper

Google Maps Scraper homepage

Google Maps Scraper is one of those services. It allows you to generate precise leads from your targeted audience. It can quickly scrape and extract any data, which will surely be enough for anything you need.

Using the Outscraper platform, the tool offers you a way to export local business contacts from Google maps into either the JSON, Parquet, XLSX, or CSV format file. With the help of the E-mail and Contacts Scraper, it can also support adding to the existing data collected from maps with e-mails, phones, and social media links.

Google Maps Scraper can readily search through many platforms such as Facebook (and its Groups), Google, various websites, and other databases as long as they are open to the public. With the Google Maps Scraper Plus exclusive, you get up to 5,000 businesses, that is places, from Google Maps per single month, as well as 5,000 e-mails and social media profiles a month.

It is well organized, and all your data and information are in one place, with no need to use third-party apps. There are many filters available for your to properly manage your data, including e-mails, websites, ratings, statuses, and phones, as well as other filters.

It has the Cloud execution feature, which guarantees privacy as it keeps your IP address as safe as possible. Developers will be happy to know they have API access.

Not to mention, you can schedule tasks exactly how you like, and you can remove duplicates from the same task.

This lowers the usage costs and simplifies the list. This also guarantees you get only unique data.  All of the publicly available contact information of your leads can be extracted within mere minutes.

No more making search queries all by yourself, as Google Maps Scraper allows you to select locations and categories easily. It can either give you a list of contacts from a single location you choose or provide you with a register of all existing enterprise contacts contained within a chosen location.

Other Useful Features

Data Dictionary

Another of Google Maps Scraper’s many benefits is that you can discover things such as corporations with negative evaluations. You can also analyze your competition, whether small, medium, or large businesses, with the help of the information contained in the vast database that is Google.

This way, you can find out a lot about businesses with great reputations or ones within a specific postcode.

If you are by any chance not satisfied with the service this tool can provide, you’re in luck. You can get your money back within the first 60 days, so there is no commitment at all. You can just try it out and see for yourself.

With this nifty tool, a million business records are at your disposal, and you can access a whole year’s historical data from about 250 countries. Scraping for leads will never be easier than with Google Maps Scraper. Downloading all the important data you collect is also as easy and quick as it gets.

You can also set up advanced variables, such as selecting the language to search the data. This is especially useful since the keywords you are looking to scrape may have a different meaning in another language, so just pick the appropriate language to avoid any problems. You can track your progress on a simple yet effective and intuitive user interface.


With Google Maps Scraper, you can research virtually any business to gauge your competition. This way, you can also check out the customer profiles that are an exact match to your business.

You can save and extract your data quickly, and there is no more wasting time, as everything the platform offers is quick and timely. It is the best way to generate leads from a targeted audience. Check it out, and you surely will not regret it.

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