Best WordPress Event Plugins for Organizing Events Without a Hitch

Event planning often seems like a simple process to people. However, behind the scenes lies a complicated process, a lot of work and patience, and strong organizational skills. Just imagine planning a family event. You probably don’t feel well just thinking about it.

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And no, we are not exaggerating. Your business will be easier to manage, and the headaches will disappear. Let’s get started.

WordPress and Event Plugins: How to choose the Right One?

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If you already use WordPress, you know there is a solution for every possible problem. The WordPress plugin market is so large that we sometimes wonder if it has an end. However, the problem comes with choosing the right plugin.

When promoting plugins, everyone praises their products, so users are often confused about who to trust and which product to use. Although it is not easy, put the needs of your website or blog first. That way, you will find a plugin whose features will be the right fit.

When it comes to event plugins for WordPress, the market is massive. However, as we have already emphasized, each plugin has its place under the sun, and the user that will find it a perfect match. As the events differ, so do the businesses that organize them.

Of course, the same business won’t plan a small birthday gathering and an arena concert. And an event plugin should be chosen accordingly. We use plugins for event organizers to start the event and, therefore, to make it easier to organize. The most common needs that people look for in such plugins are built-in RSVP, a customizable calendar, and the ability to pay quickly.


Eventin website

First on our list is the well-known Eventin. As one of the best WordPress plugins of this kind, it currently enjoys the trust of many users. Using Eventin, you can manage an unlimited number of events. It also offers the possibility of selling tickets at no additional cost. Great, right?

If you decide to have Eventin as your event planning partner, you can adjust schedules and add event shipping. It is easy to use, and the additional costs are removed to make it almost perfect for all organizers. You can schedule recurring events as well as one-off events.

Do you know what one of the best features of Eventin is? Launch a dedicated event website with intuitive drag-and-drop builder tools.

Virtual meetings are becoming our daily routine. They may not be able to replace the events on-site, but they are keeping up. With Eventin, even this type of event will be easy to organize. You only need to start or synchronize a meeting in your WordPress dashboard. Shortcodes and widgets will allow you to add Zoom meetings, and you can invite participants via e-mail.

Do you remember when it was easier to organize an event? Eventin covers every aspect of event organization, so say goodbye to stress forever.

Sugar Calendar

Sugar Calendar banner

Sugar Calendar is one of those plugins with countless functions and options, but that will not make it difficult for you to use. If you choose this plugin, you can plan one-time, multi-day events and different events. Thanks to its built-in sales system, you can also sell tickets through WooCommerce.

Modern Events Calendar Lite

Modern Events Calendar website

Modern Events Calendar Lite is a WordPress event plugin that is very easy to use and offers many good options and functions. With the use of this plugin, you will be able to use a modern calendar on any website, and you can also integrate it into your website.

It is very flexible, so you can achieve great results with minimal effort. In addition to these features, you can also repeat or share events, optimize the layout, and get shortcode support.

Events Manager

Events Manager banner

Events Manager is one of the best-rated WordPress plugins of this type. It offers many good features, is flexible, and is available for everyone. The calendar you use with this plugin can be integrated with the Google Calendar. That way, you can monitor all events with ease. Although it offers different plans, the unpaid version of Events Manager has all the functions you need.

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager banner

Although all these plugins are for convenience, people always want the one that’s the easiest to use. WP Event Manager is user-friendly, simple, and allows the user to organize and execute any event they want to plan. While it may not have as many features as our previous recommendations, with WP Event Manager, everything will be done in a flash, and it won’t cause any bloat.

Final Words

You may have thought or were convinced that organizing an event is an impossible job. However, we hope this list has dissuaded you. WordPress event plugins are impressive and will provide you with everything you need.

Eventin, as one of the best plugins of its kind, will surely leave you breathless. If you decide to use Eventin, you might even become a professional event organizer. You never know.

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