How to Collect Reviews and Display Them as Stars on Google

The Internet is a powerful place where you have to invest everything in creating a great brand image. Reviews on the internet can seriously impact your business, income, clients, and more! Reviews are influential and shouldn’t be underestimated since many people online use them as a guide to what is good and what is not.

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Today, we’ll introduce you to a robust tool to collect and display reviews. But will also boost your click-through rates and bring more visitors to your website. Without further delay, let’s dive in and see why this software is so special.


AddStars website

AddStars is a powerful tool that enables you to collect reviews from every corner of the web and display them beneath your website’s pages as stars in Google search results.

It collects reviews from multiple platforms and social media that allow its users to leave reviews, such as Facebook, Trip Advisor,, Yelp, and similar, piling them together and displaying them together in the Google Search results.

It is the best option for developers, marketing agencies, and web design agencies, as there is no need for coding, reindexing, or snippets; using AddStars to extract the reviews is a piece of cake. And golden stars on Google search can bring a lot of good things to your respective business.

You can stand out among competitors with a full set of stars, increase and maximize visitor count, get a higher click-through rate, and enhance your business’s online credibility.

Forget about the troubles re-indexing your website may cause – AddStars has you covered. You will not need to do all the processes of re-indexing the whole page, which can be tiresome and time-wasting. Instead, AddStars will do it automatically. These are all the perks AddStars has to offer; all you have to do is take advantage of them!

How to use AddStars?

AddStars features

First, choose your plan, and purchase it. Login to your dashboard, where you will control everything. Next, choose the platforms and services you want to extract your reviews from. In the upper-left corner, find the ‘Add new client’ button and connect them to your AddStars dashboard.

Once you connect them, you need to add the unique ID to your website. For WordPress users, copy the ID and add it to the AddStars WordPress plugin. For those who do not use WordPress, simply copy the script and add it to your website.

When you finish setting everything up, it is just a matter of time before your stars start showing at every search result on Google!


AddStars tool is available in three pricing plans:

  • AddStars Monthly: $12.95 per month
  • AddStars Annual: $77.70 per annum
  • AddStars Lifetime: $649.50 one-time payment


Every individual who manages a business dependent on public opinion wants a complete set of golden stars next to the website’s URL on Google search.

Given the significance of review stars in Google search, you should integrate a reviews snippet that will generate reviews from other platforms, which Google will display beneath the search result. To cut all this hassle, AddStars can provide your website with a set of golden stars on Google SERP.

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