As you know WordPress has a large amount of tutorials, guides and code snippets on the web. So, trying out new things with WordPress is a good idea to know more about WordPress. But a small error has the ability to shake your whole site. But you don’t worry if you get the following error in WordPress.

Parse error: Syntax error, unexpected

This is fine if WordPress throws you off with this irritating parse error syntax error unexpected end of file.

Sometimes you may not be able to see the error message because the WordPress error reporting is turned off. I will recommend you to always turn on WordPress error debug.

In this article, we will be talking about how to fix WordPress syntax error.

What is a Syntax Error in WordPress?

Syntax errors are only caused if proper PHP syntax rules are not followed. As an English native speaker won’t be able to understand the wrong formation of sentence likewise the compiler of the programming language won’t able to process a syntactically incorrect block of code. You will be encountering a syntax error unrecognized expression either you miss a semi-colon or complete incorrect file.

Sometimes users trying to make it fine while writing PHP scripts for their sites. You must know that syntax error falls into the category of parse errors. Why? Because they are caught by parsing each and every line of code written for some program.

Method to Remove Syntax Error Unexpected in WordPress

Syntax errors can be easily fixed. What are we going to do for this?

We are going to locate the lines of code which is responsible for the error. After that, modify that code by connect it to the server.

We are going to proceed step by step.

Step 1: Determine Corrupted File

First, we need to recognize the source of the problem. You need to find out which file is causing this issue and that block of code which is mainly responsible for wordpress parse error syntax error unexpected t_string wp-config.php.

If you have recently installed WordPress theme or plugin and just after that syntax error started appearing, you can guess it out yourself. If you are not able to get any idea about the source of the error, you need to trace its origin. The error message will get presented when you open your site using any web browser.

The error message will be like Parse error: Syntax error which is followed by some specific information. It contains the full path of the file which contains faulty code. This will be the file which you need to modify.

Let’s take a look at the following syntax error message example:

syntax error

You can determine the line of code which is responsible for this error and that is, a line of code (43).

Step 2: Fix the file with FTP client

You have already spotted the file which is causing the error. You need to edit this file to make it functional once again.

If you get locked out of the admin area which only happens when the code (creating error) was injected with help of Appearance > Editor area of the admin dashboard, then you have to use FTP client to connect with the server.

The fixing of corrupted file is really straightforward. What you need to do is connect to your account with FTP client. Now, just navigate over to the corrupted file that is causing parse error syntax error unexpected $end in wordpress as I mentioned in the above example. Right click on the file and choose View/ Edit option.


The corrupted file will get open in the default text editor.

fix wordpress syntax error

Now, you got a choice either you can remove the faulty code or change it so that it can work properly.

In some cases, the issue gets resolved by simply removing the line but can introduce other issues as well.

Now, as we can easily determine the error with the help of the line number.

If you are a novice in PHP then you can check out PHP code checker and can browse the common PHP syntax mistakes. This will help you in debugging the syntax error and fix it.


Your heart should not stink while getting syntax error on WordPress. You can easily identify it and it is one of the most common error you will see in your journey of a developer. At first, try to avoid this error by writing code carefully and testing in an isolated environment.

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