WordPress is perfect in its own due to its awesome features. But you might be knowing that nothing is perfect, you can only reach up to the level that is closer to perfect. So, you might get some gesture from my point that WordPress also has some limitations. It has some possibility that it can interfere with the plugins and you know this very well that plugins is the main reason for the success of your WordPress site. Plugins are actually the series of functions that provides additional functionalities for your website. You can install and activate the plugins related to your website easily. But when it’s about deleting a plugin, this becomes a big task because of the error “Can’t remove a WordPress plugin”. Here, you are unable to delete any WordPress plugin.

This becomes really hell although you have ftp client credentials but you are not able to uninstall a WordPress plugin while logging into it. This is due to the poor coding of the plugin and sometimes it is referred as bad plugin too.

<h2″>Reasons of Cannot Remove Plugin in WordPress

Sometimes what actually happen is that some plugins comes with hidden and nested files, that’s why it becomes difficult to delete them. These files are the main cause for the occurrence of unable to uninstall WordPress plugin error. Even if in case you try to deactivate the plugin using FTP or WordPress admin area, the files won’t get deleted. It is still available in the WordPress.

Now, we are going to talk about two methods so that WordPress cannot delete plugin error can be resolved. But wait, first you need to check the plugin which is causing wordpress remove plugin fatal error again and again. As I mentioned above some of the plugins are stored in hidden directories so you will be in need of an external file manager to access the plugin’s directory.

Resolving Unable to Delete WordPress Plugin Error

  1. Uninstall WordPress Plugin using FTP File Manager

You can use any of client either FTP or CPanel to access its file directories. In this example I am using FTP client. Follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install FileZilla on your system.
  • Run FileZilla and connect it to the server of your WordPress website/blog. You need to use your credentials here.
  • Once you login, you would have access to the server files of your website.
  • Now, you need to navigate to the directory /public_html/wp-content/ plugin and can delete the whole directory of the bugged plugin.

As you have followed all the above steps, you are now able to access the blog’s interface.

  1. Delete the Plugin with SSH I.E. Secure Shell

With the help of command line interface, make use of the programs like putty to get access to the internal file system of the blog.

What these programs will do?

These programs will make use of the SSH protocol to connect to your WordPress server.

Download and install the SSH client i.e. Putty. Run the program and you will get the interface that is similar to the following:

Enter Server’s IP in the host name and open it. The shell window will get displayed. Now, you need to navigate to the “../wp-content/plugins/” directory using SSH commands.
You will get to know about all the full listed folders with the help of the command “ls-al”.


Now, the plugin that was irritating you can be deleted completely and uninstalled successfully. I hope these methods have helped you in no more holding this WordPress unable to delete plugin problem. If in case you face any kind of issue while fixing this error you can leave comment below.

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