What Does an International Marketing Manager Do

An international marketing manager is a professional responsible for overseeing the marketing strategy for a company’s products or services in international markets. This role involves identifying potential new markets, conducting market research, and developing marketing plans. All plans must be tailored to meet the specific needs of international markets. International marketing managers may also be responsible for managing budgets, overseeing advertising and promotions, and monitoring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

International Marketing Manager Salary

In terms of salary, international marketing managers can earn a competitive salary, depending on their experience and the industry. For example, the average international marketing manager’s salary in the United States can be around $80,000 per year (according to data from Glassdoor). However, international marketing manager salary can vary depending on factors such as the size of the company and the industry they work in today. For example, managers that work in the technology industry may earn a higher salary than those working in the food industry.

International Marketing Jobs

International marketing jobs

International marketing jobs are required today in almost any industry, including consumer goods, technology, and pharmaceuticals. International marketing managers may work for large multinational corporations or smaller companies looking to expand into international markets. If they want to be successful in this role every manager must have a deep understanding of the unique cultural and economic factors that influence consumer behavior in different countries. All of this requires from a marketing manager a combination of market research skills, strategic thinking, and an understanding of international business.

One of the key responsibilities of an international marketing manager is to work with an international marketing group to develop and implement marketing strategies effective for different markets. They will need to coordinate teams all around the globe to ensure that marketing campaigns are successfully run.

The international marketing group typically includes other marketing professionals, such as market researchers and copywriters, who work together to create effective marketing campaigns.

Job Requirements for an International Marketing Manager


International marketing managers generally need to hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing, international business, or a closely related discipline. Candidates with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) are preferred.

International commerce, economics, finance, statistics, mathematics, advertising, and other related fields are also common backgrounds for managers in this profession.

Training & Experience:

Internships or apprenticeships are provided as on-the-job training for international marketing managers. During this training, they will collaborate closely with other experienced marketing managers to become familiar with the operations of the business.

Skills International Marketing Manager Needs

Skills International Marketing Manager Needs

To be successful in international marketing jobs, marketing managers must have specific skills and competencies. These include:

Strategic thinking:

– must be able to think strategically and develop marketing plans aligned with the overall business objectives of the specific company. It requires understanding potential opportunities and threats in international markets and developing marketing plans for specific markets and customers.

Market research skills:

– need to have strong market research skills to gather and analyze data about international markets. It involves researching consumer behavior, market trends, and competitive analysis.

Understanding of international business:

– must have a deep understanding of international business, including the cultural, economic, and political factors that can influence consumer behavior in different countries. This requires a strong understanding of the global business environment and the ability to adapt marketing strategies to different markets.

Leadership and management skills:

– must be strong leaders and managers who can motivate and manage teams in different countries. Communicate effectively with all team members, set goals and objectives, and provide guidance and support to ensure that marketing campaigns are executed successfully.


To Conclude

Overall, the role of an international marketing manager is a challenging and rewarding one that requires a combination of strategic thinking, market research skills, and an understanding of international business. With the right skills and experience, international marketing managers can play a key role in helping companies expand into new markets and achieve success on a global scale. International marketing managers can expect to earn a competitive salary, and there are many opportunities for growth and advancement within the field.

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