Top APIs for Web Developers: Be More Efficient and Solve Problems Quicker

Firstly, let's untangle what # API stands for. API is short for Application Programming Interface, and it works in a way that it sends #user responses to a specific system and sends back systems responses to the user. Click To Tweet

To make it simpler, you add a song to your playlist in Spotify, and the API tells you that it is added to that playlist, and the website puts it in a specific category.  These little helpers are used to take off work of a man’s desk and, and have computers manage it instead. It is much quicker and productive because of it is automatization.

1. Twilio

Twilio homepage

The first API that we have on our list is Twillo API. This is a powerful tool that can skyrocket any business. With it, you can integrate SMS, voice, chat, or maybe an AI bot into your site without any problem.

As an API would, it does the job instead of another human being and works flawlessly. Imagine if your customers could make an appointment over your site? Much more effective than calling in. Imagine your customer having a question about some of your products, and the chatbox provides them with an answer or helpful articles.

As mentioned, Twillo will help you with sending and receiving SMS like a pro. It provides you with all the documentation and sample codes that a developer needs and lets you create what you want in a blink of an eye.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps website

The second spot goes to the most recognizable API – Google Maps.  Don’t think for a second that you can not get Google Maps tools to work to your advantage because you can!

This API is significant for several reasons:

  • You can make maps however you want and embed them without hassle. Street view or 360-degree pivot are just a few options that you have.
  • You can show route data with a real-time traffic situation.
  • But you can also make it much easier for your users to search and equip them with pre-populated geo-location data that will match theirs.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics homepage

On the third spot, we have yet again another Google product by the name of Google Analytics. This is probably one of the rarest APIs that every site should have, no matter the kind of business they’re in.

It is no secret that you can watch and track your web traffic and how your site is performing with this one. But it is also suitable for other reasons. The first reason is that you can create a unique tracking dashboard from the backdoor of your website. Plus, you can dig much deeper into the sales funnel, tracking and analyzing all of it.

Besides, it also helps you monitor custom data, such as e-commerce conversion rates.

4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp homepage

Mailchimp is our fourth API on this short yet fantastic list. With this fella, you will have access to some great benefits, opportunities, and insight that will help you grow your business.

You can create a beautiful marketing campaign, and if you are new to that part of the game, they already have some documentation and API references to help you get started. You will be able to pull custom data directly from your application without any troubles.

It is also worth mentioning that you can send transactional emails in no time. Meaning, you can send targeted and event-driven emails with their API or SMTP faster and better than ever before.

5. Facebook

Facebook website

On the last spot, we have one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet – Facebook.  Sometimes people don’t like to create new accounts, new passwords and go through that process’s trouble.

That’s why utilizing their API is such a great thing- it provides you with a Facebook login option. That’s not only beneficial for your visitors but also for your security as the app account layers on top of their( Facebook’s) login account.

When connecting your site with this giant social network, it will help you with targeted ads that will for sure increase your traffic and your revenue. Having ads that speak directly to your customer is always a great addition.

Plus, we all know that Facebook has its Messager app, and you can make that a part of communication between customers and yourself. It will give your company a more human approach and automatically provide a great experience with your business.


APIs are a great way of creating something that will help you with your business, but with the work that is already done by the API. No effort on your part at all.

They are a great addition to your team that will only skyrocket your business and get the best out of it. So be sure to check them out, see what works the best for you, and if you don’t try, you will never know.

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