What Tools Does A Social Media Manager Use?

Social media evolved over the years, becoming one of the most popular online platforms. This evolution brought many features and, with them, many possibilities, which are useful only if one knows how to use them.

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In today’s article, we will reveal what tools social media managers use and how you can implement them and enrich your social media routine.

Other Perspectives

Other Perspectives website

Having an option to see how something performs from a different perspective is excellent. The same goes for insights into your social media accounts. This is why the Other Perspectives is a great tool that grants you, as the name suggests, a new perspective on the analytics available for your social media.

It comes with the tools needed to grow your social presence by monitoring what the competition in your niche is doing and how they approach their social media strategy. Besides spying on competitors, this tool allows you to identify the posts that perform well and gives you actionable advice on increasing reach and conversions on all posts.

Wp Social

Wp Social website

Wp Social is a must-have plugin for supporting your social media accounts if you run a website on WordPress CMS. This tool brings an opportunity for you to set up perfect social share buttons for the content on your website. This will encourage visitors to share the content they found helpful on their own social media. Free traffic and visitors sound very good!

This plugin might have a solution for you if you are looking for an alternative to traditional WordPress accounts. It allows users to log in to your website with their social media accounts. Doing so will make the registration process faster and easier for your visitors.


RADAAR website

If you are running multiple social media accounts, you already know what issues you might find in your daily work. RADAAR is a great tool you must include in your virtual toolbox. It has different features like a post scheduler, analytics, and monitoring, a password management system, and much more.

All this is packed in an easy-to-use and accessible platform that supports all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. It also comes with WordPress support.

This feature-rich platform can become your best friend if you’re running an agency that takes care of your client’s social media accounts. Maybe you decided to run multiple accounts to generate more website traffic. Give a chance to this platform to make your life easier.


Canva homepage

Creating graphical content for your social media accounts can be tiring and time-consuming. Canva is a great tool that provides a vast library of templates you can edit and use on your social media accounts. The editor is user-friendly and supports different manipulation that you might find handy in your daily work.

Videos are becoming a standard for content in some of the niches. Canva has you covered since it offers video creation. You can even transform your traditional static posts into short videos, following all of the trends.


Linktree on App Store

Some major social media like Instagram and TikTok don’t support links in the post description. This is where Linktree and similar tools come as a solution. Since you are allowed to put one link in the bio or description of your profile, you can insert a Linktree link, which will serve as a hub for other links.

If you run social media to support your blog, you can update Linktree with feature articles and give them more exposure. You can simply put the caption ‘link in bio’ or something similar in daily posts. Another cool thing is that you can track the number of visits on the link tree and the number of visits to your links.


This list covers tools for different use cases that will come in handy at one point.

However, there is a tool that pops out as a must-have – RADAAR. Having everything available from one place, regardless of how many accounts you manage, is something that will save you a lot of time and bring your social management game to another level.

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