Google Mobilegeddon Update

On which device are you reading this post on? Is it a portable laptop, a desktop or a compact smartphone? My wildest guess would be a smartphone.

The entire world has been shrunk in our hands and we carry all the information that we require on our palms. This is the age of retrieving fast and reliable data on the go. The usage of internet on the smartphone devices has increased massively in the last few years.

The Game-Changing Statistics:

With everyone (right from a sixth grader to a grandparent) carrying a smartphone, the mere usage of internet has been changed drastically. According to a recent survey, the number of mobile devices that are used to access the internet has been increased by a whopping 67% worldwide over the last year. While desktops and laptops still remain the most popular and obvious mean to access the web, having a share of 64.6%, the contribution of mobiles has grown from 17% to a significant 28.5%, whereas the involvement of Tablet devices accounts for a 6.8% share of the total internet usage compared to the 4.8% share last year.

One can easily contemplate the drastic change in the way the world access the web, and it’s easy to predict the increment of mobile internet users in the future. The alternation in the requirements also laid a very significant change in how we see the web space. The most recent example of it is the introduction of Google’s latest search engine algorithm: Mobilegeddon.

What is Google Mobilegeddon Update?

April 21, 2015, witnessed a revolutionary change in the web space with the introduction of Google Mobilegeddon, an advanced mobile-friendly ranking algorithm developed by the Google that gives a boost to the improved mobile-friendly web pages in search engine result pages. The search engine displays the results for any respective searched query on the basis of a Pagerank algorithm. The algorithm comprises of certain aspects that weigh every website on how it gets displayed on a searched result.

Majorly, it assigns a numerical weight to every element of a hyperlinked set on a web page and the total incoming links, giving a web page higher importance if it has inbound links from a significant well-trusted and highly ranked website. Google has a set of more than 200 rules to rank a webpage, which keeps on changing with its updates. But compared to Google’s last search engine algorithms like Panda or Penguin, the new mobile-based algorithm will have a serious impact on the entire web space and how we access the internet in the present scenario.

Don’t get Confused! First Understand the Algorithm:

Let’s ponder on some of the important facts about the new mobilegeddon algorithm! As per Google, there is no basic parameter that can categorize a web page on the basis of how mobile-friendly it is. It is simply an “on” or “off” algorithm. Google won’t judge how mobile-friendly your page is, instead it will simply judge if your page is mobile-friendly or not. One of the best ways to test if your page is mobile-friendly is by using the mobile-friendly test tool prepared by Google.

Google’s Mobilegeddon update is surely a concrete step, emphasizing on how people these days consumes online information or visits a website. It is to be noted that the overall internet usage by mobile users is expected to rise by 16% in the coming year. But, not all the smartphones come with the same screen sizes and same specifications, which make it almost impossible to come up with a singular website that will qualify the need of an optimized mobile-friendly website.

Responsive Web Design:

This is where the concept of responsive HTML web design comes to the rescue. It is a combination of various techniques that makes a website seamlessly adapt to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. The person who would open your website on a smartphone will be shown the same desktop site, making the website more suitable to its viewer on the respective device. The responsive websites will have all the essential information and accessibility for its users with the integration of the touchscreen facility of the smartphones for easy ergonomics and usage.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design:

With Responsive Web Design, the age-old confusion about what one should get rid of in a desktop website, making it mobile-friendly is out of the question. It is an excellent option to make your web page mobile-friendly and get it passed by the Mobilegeddon algorithm implemented by Google to get a better rank.

Not only it makes your website suitable for different platforms, the mechanism itself is highly fast and promises a friendly and smarter user experience than before. After getting your website a touch of the responsive web, it becomes extremely easy to maintain with the vast scale of updates and supportability for different extensions. It is entirely platform-independent, which makes it easy for every user to have that personalized experience irrespective of their device or platform.

Responsive Web Design = Google Mobilegeddon++

Be ready to get those essential “brownie points” with the help of responsive web design, from Google’s Mobilegeddon update which can help in flourishing your business with better SEO optimization.

The basic motive of any organization is to reach its customer and to constantly expand its customer base. The overwhelming usage of the mobile internet will surely change the way how any organization function.

With the constant increment of app usage and the boom of e-commerce that relies highly on the usage of mobile applications, it is easy to contemplate that in the coming times, the major share of customers would be the smart mobile users who want everything fast, reliable and on the go. Responsive web design is no longer a trend, which was followed by the big players – it has become an essential for any business to propagate. For business expansion and the long-lasting sustainability in the market, it is a clear winner. If you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly, then don’t wait anymore. Do it now!

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