Secure Connection Error in WordPress – How to Fix It?

WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly platform for a website. Most of the websites are normally running on WordPress and one common problem most of the website owners are facing which is secure connection error. So what is the issue in real and how to fix this WordPress error? Yes, these are some basic questions most of the website owners want to know. In this post we are going to discuss more details regarding this issue and also know the process how we can fix WordPress secure connection error by following proper instructions. So let’s start without wasting any time.

So first of all let’s discuss about the main reason behind this issue.


Cause of Secure Connection Error in WordPress?

WordPress modus provides typically regular updates for the themes, plugins and core website to enhance the performance of the site. This update process happens consistently, and it always checks the official source to verify all the data and the changes occur in themes, plugins and core website. But if during the process of the update due to any reason the site couldn’t reach the main database of then secure connection error notification shows to the user.


How to fix WordPress Secure Connection Error?

Normally we can solve this issue through 3 different methods so it’s quite important to understand all these methods so that you can easily fix this issue by using any one method effectively. Those three methodologies are like sharehosting, cloud or VPS server and local host. Let’s discuss more details on these three methods.

1st Method

Solve Secure Connection Error on Shared Hosting

Most of the newbie WordPress user uses shared hosting because it’s cheap and easy customer support. In such case, you can’t solve this issue by your own. For this, you have to send the details error screenshot to the hosting provider customer support. You can also try a DDos attack on your hosting to check, whether your website can securely connecting to the data base or not. This is the first method by which you can solve secure connection issue in WordPress.

2nd Method

Fix Secure Connection Error on Cloud or VPS Server

If you are using Cloud of VPS server then you will always get the chance to fix any bug on WordPress. If you are using VPS server and facing secure connection error then it’s only because of DNS issue. So in such case if you want to fix this issue then you have to connect your server directly with

Before that you have to download the tool which helps you to provide secure connection between servers and website. Now most of you think which tool we can use? Yes, here we recommend FileZilla and PuTTy tools for this process. If you are using iOS or Linux platform then you can go with terminal application for better performance.

To use these tools you have to put your username and password to connect with the database server. To get all these information, you can visit the client panel in the hosting resource and you can ask them all these requirements via a ticket.

After the secure connection you need to search the “hosts” file. After getting the host file just opens it and add the string ( to the end of the input. After completing the string addition process always saves the result on hosting. Then just check it by opening your website.

3rd Method

Troubleshoot WordPress Secure Connection Error on Local Host

You can always host your website on a local computer or server. If you are facing secure connection problem then just host it through a local server and just check two things one is php.ini file and the second one is the firewall.

First of all just check the php.ini file. For this you have to search the folder in which you can get the php.ini file. So how you can find the folder? For this, you can check folders like Mamp, Xampp or WAMP. If you are using windows operating system as a hosting computer then search for a string like; extension=php_curl.dll. If you are using Linux or mac then the string will be like; In both case just remove the semicolon and use these strings and save it. After save these strings just restart the Apache server to see the result.

The 2nd method is just check the firewall and you only check this if the previous method is not working for you. If it’s working then no need to check the firewall. Check firewall and allow all the action strings and then just restart the Apache server and see the result.


These are three most important and useful methodologies you can apply to resolve secure connection error in WordPress but if still you can’t resolve your issue then you can go for WordPress maintenance service to resolve the issue But most of the cases these three methods will work perfectly.

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