AIR PRO One Page Multipurpose Theme – $59

AIR PRO is a single page premium WordPress multipurpose theme which provides unlimited benefits for your website. The theme also gives you the Live Preview option where it will show you the working state of the theme. Preview shows you beautiful Home page which is divided into multiple sections i.e. About Us, Support, Portfolio, About Team, Services, Testimonials, Plans and Contact Us. These all sections make your website look number 1. You can use this theme for any niche or business as it has its own customization options. You can customize this theme yourself according to your requirements. It is also integrated with social share buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Responsive design of AIR PRO makes it suitable for every device, so there is no doubt in its compatibility.

Iconic PRO WordPress Theme

If you are looking for multi-page Iconic theme, then you can go for its Pro version. You get various pages like Home, About, Service, Blog and Contact. In addition to it, this theme is highly customizable. You can get it modified as per your requirement. You also get a great dedicated space for all sort of content. Being a multi-page theme you can distribute your content under various headings or sub-headings to make it look much organised. This theme is optimized to give the best results for all sort of SEO activities. It is easy to load and highly responsive, even in mobile version. It is compatible to all browsers and screen sizes. Menu is easily accessible and it is really easy to navigate across this theme.

Plumbing PRO WordPress Theme

This theme is extension to the free theme with additional and attractive features. This theme is beautifully designed and looks really elegant. It is the perfect theme for plumbing businesses. Here you can easily display all information about your team and the work you have done. You have separate and dedicated space for displaying this information such as Team Page and Work page respectively. It is highly responsive and SEO friendly theme.

It carries all its features in mobile version as well. The web version comes with cross-browser compatibility and mobile version is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. You also get a amazingly looking Gallery Page display various images. This version of Plumbing theme, offers you vast online space, in the form of Blog, to upload various SEO friendly articles. This again makes this theme SEO friendly. On Contact page, you get a map to share your location precisely and also a query form that helps you get in touch with your potential clients.

Star Law Firm PRO WordPress Theme

Having a single page website for your law firm will not make a great impression on your online visitors. To make a lasting impression you have to have a multi page website. And, the first thing that visitors notice as soon as they land on a website is, its theme. So, you must invest a bit on the theme of your website. So, if you are looking for highly elegant and attractive theme for multi-page website of your law firm, then STARLAW Pro is the great option. You get ample amount of spaces in various pages of this theme. In addition to it, you also get features like cross browser compatibility, high responsiveness, compact and fast mobile version, SEO friendly design and a lot more. You can upload your content in much organized way on various pages such as Home, About, Team, Gallery, Blog, Services, Contact, etc. With this Pro version of this theme, you get appointment request form, form to submit a query, map too share your précised location, gallery to upload images, Blog to upload SEO friendly content and much more.

Dental Care PRO WordPress Theme

This version of theme is loaded with all the features one can think of. First of all the theme is very much suitable for any website for clinical domain. The colour schemes are so perfect for such websites. It is amazing when it comes to responsiveness. The theme is coded so creatively that makes it extremely easy to perform high level of customization. Now since each website requires SEO, this theme has been highly optimized for the same. It will result in highly effective dynamic website with great cross browser compatibility. The mobile version of this theme is also amazing as it loads quickly and is easy to navigate across the site.

Cowork PRO WordPress Theme

The PRO version of this wordpress theme brings you almost everything that you may ask for in a theme. It is elegant, SEO friendly, responsive, quick to load and easy to navigate. All these features are also there in its mobile version. The greatest feature is that this theme is coded in a way that it can undergo customizations to a great level and too without putting much effort. You can upload vast amount of content and information on this theme such as description about the concept of Co-working, its benefits, your price list, description about your team, Contact information and a lot more stuff. You get a map to share your location accurately and a contact query form that helps you to connect to more and more potential customers.

Intechnic PRO WordPress Theme

Pro version of this profile is so rich in features that make it worth buying. It is an investment that you should do to enhance your online presence. People who search for your organization on internet will first of all see your website. Most of the visitors, judge an organization’s worth by looking at its website. So, it is really important to select the most amazing and attractive theme that suits your business and speaks for it. Intechnic Pro is the most suitable theme for any marketing organization. It is elegant and classy. The colour scheme used in this theme immediately attracts the visitors. Unlike other heavy themes, it doesn’t take much time to load and is highly responsive. It is a multi-page theme, so you get Home Page, Services Page, About Page and Contact Page to upload your content in organized way. This theme is compatible on various mobile platforms (Android and iOS).

SlyBlog PRO WordPress Theme

Selecting a suitable theme that suits your blog is same as selecting a car that suits your personality. The theme acts as a medium to publicize your blog and take it to places, just as your car does for you. If the car is attractive, it will be successful in getting all the attention and when you will come out of the care, all the attention will be diverted towards you. No doubt, your looks also do matter to sustain that interest that people showed initially. Similarly, if the theme is attractive, it immediately gains the attention and then it is automatically diverted to the content. So, if you are looking for an amazing theme for your blog, go for Slyblogs Pro. It is so beautifully designed and elegant theme that suits all types of blogs. This theme is SEO friendly, responsive, easy to load and navigate and also works on equally well on all web browsers and mobile platforms. What more can you ask for?

Space North WordPress App Theme – $59

Space North is a responsive and elegant mobile app theme for WordPress and is best suited for apps website. It comes with awesome features such as rock solid framework, it uses that framework with which you can show better results for themes as per their functionalities and clean code. There will be a 24*7 support from this side by our team and really our customer aspire this kind of theme. It is fully responsive mobile app WordPress theme and you can customize it according to your website. It is built up with Bootstrap3.3, HTML5 and has setting panels for each module. Moreover in terms of technical terms, it uses short codes to make it easy for you. It is optimized with SEO acting user friendly. If you want your app in your native language then you can pick this one as it is translation ready. So, you don’t need to worry about it. This theme is very flexible and versatile in nature.

TrueWest PRO Multipurpose WordPress Theme – $59

True West is a premium business WordPress theme. It is not only for a single business, it can be used for various businesses as it is multipurpose business WordPress theme and the available ones are for gym, event or yoga and the rest you can customize it according to your needs. You can also have short codes for it so that it becomes easy to use. It has specially inbuilt 5 color schemes. You can have different modules of services, teams and testimonials. You will get different templates of gallery, contact and blog. This theme uses the short codes to provide ease to the site builders. It is that much optimized that you can increase traffic on your website with the help of this great WordPress theme.

TheWest Multipurpose WordPress Theme – $59

The West theme is an advanced business WordPress theme that can be used for any niche such as fitness, portfolio, freelancer, individual consultants, gymnastic etc. It has a customizer settings panel so that you modify it in your own way. You know very well that real estate is a big factor in all mobile devices and it comes with off canvas mobile menus so the content can have full screen real estate. The theme is integrated with all social media platform so that you can share your content. It has contact as well as gallery template. The sections are beautifully divided with all its services and team. This premium responsive WordPress theme is compatible with all devices. You can translate this theme in any language you want so that you don’t need to bother about different native languages.

North East Blog Theme – $59

North East responsive WordPress blog theme is an impressive, clean and simple theme. This paid WordPress blog theme has a low bounce rate. It can make related posts on a single page and displays breadcrumbs for internal linking. Its features include advanced typography so that you can choose your own font style for your website and that can be done when you are going to customize your theme within your requirements. You can optimize your Ads very well and has various options panel with lots of features. The main feature of this theme is its integration with’s microdata. It helps various search engines to identify the structure of your website, increases the visibility of your website and gives the better results. This clean WordPress blog theme has really superfine widgets for advertisements and recent posts.

Light North Mobile App Theme – $59

Light North is a clean mobile app WordPress theme with which your users can gain high end experience. It is elegant and that much high appealing so the users get the high readability. This theme built with Bootstrap 3.3 has an advanced option panel with one parallax on and off function. You can enable or disable it’s one of the features called Modules reorder. The tendency of this theme is to load fast so that users don’t need to wait. This theme has an inbuilt feature of’s microdata and it is highly recommended to integrate within your website as well this is followed by every search engine. Without any hassle, you can use this theme in any browser. The main thing matter about any theme is its SEO, and that is all integrated within this theme. You will get a 24/7 amazing support.

Clean East Food Blog theme – $59

Food Bloggers must get this Clean East theme and its design is marvelous to keep the blog optimized and high on the search results. This highly responsive paid WordPress theme helps you to increase your ranking in search results. This theme features mobile friendly layout and highly SEO oriented helping you to attain a better ranking in search engines. With this amazing theme, you can optimize AdSense to increase clicking rate. It loads at very fast speed and will definitely impress your users. It provides breadcrumbs for great internal linking for your website. It can migrate your blog hassle free at the time with the extra feature of import and export panel. The’s integration and the advanced typography make it seamless. It can easily manage a lot of posts and you can share as well via social share buttons.

Candid East Fashion Blog Theme – $59

The Candid East theme is the clean, elegant and perfect WordPress blog theme for your website. This is best suited for amazing fashion blog so you can leave an everlasting impression on your reader. It loads ultra-fast so that no user needs to wait to look for its responsive designed layout. This mobile friendly blog theme comes with Ad Sense Optimization. As it attracts more readers, the bounce back rate of your website will get decreased. It is integrated with social sharing widgets that would let people share their favorite posts from your website. It has 24/7 support. This blog theme has been integrated with this great feature of’s microdata so that the visibility of your website will get increased.

WEST WP Theme – $59

The West is one of the best premium multipurpose WordPress theme which is suitable for any niche or business. This theme is fulfilled with all the standard business requirements like call-to-action button and portfolio etc. It uses so many wonderful features and short codes so that it has the highest requirement among users. It has many sections divided in one page like services, portfolio, blog, testimonials and recent posts. It comes with home slider and slider short code for any type of content as well as 8 pre-made custom templates and 6 color variations. This theme is a perfect for any niche such as law-firm, food shop, architect and so on. You can translate it in any of your native language and it is cross browser compatible and obviously you will get full on support 24/7.

AIR HTML Template – $14.99

AIR is a well-designed HTML5 template and its responsiveness fits flawlessly to all the screen sizes and device types. It is a clean coded template which is built up with Bootstrap 3.3 and the HTML built elements provided in this template are necessary to create website templates related to commercial or online business projects. As it has a versatile design, you can use it for hundreds of purposes. This template is really customizable so that anyone can build his desired website in just few minutes. It has great font awesome icons affecting the visibility of your website. This template is fully responsive which is compatible to all devices. It has effective services section to render information to the users and provides beautiful portfolio with introduction to our team members.

East Blog theme – $59

The EAST premium blog WordPress theme is perfect for personal or professional blogging. It comes with great features such as quality and clean code which improves the experience of users. The responsiveness of this theme makes you website compatible with all the devices. It is built up with Bootstrap and has 5 different post formats that are Audio, Video, Quote Post, Gallery slideshow as well as Gallery grid. The loading speed of the theme is faster so that it will save time of our users. It is provided with SEO and security feature for making your website secured. It also comes with social sharing icons so that you can share your content via any social media such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.