Do you know that Google consists a site speed in the ranking algorithm? So, the site speed will definitely affect SEO. If your site is slow, then you are going to lose visitors as they will lose patience and as a result, you will reduce rankings in search engines.

speed up wordpress website

According to case study by Microsoft Bing search team, the user satisfaction will get a reduction by 3.8% only because of a 2-second delay in page responsiveness and gives a reduced click by 4.3%. Even if you have a chance of conversion, you will lose it because your site is consuming so much time to load. Whenever a person is visiting your site for the very first time, you just have two seconds to capture their whole attention to convince them to stay on the site.

Although, WordPress is big platform. It could get slowdown in any case. If you won’t care then your site could end up with a stagnant site and you will definitely loose subscribers and customers. In this article, I will be covering the better ways to speed up your WordPress site at a consistent rate.

speeding up wordpress

The ways to speed up your WordPress website are:

  1. Choose a Good Host

Unlimited page views may slow down your site but you can’t stop it until you are doing well. So, what’ the solution?

Choosing a host is a great art. Do not use shared hosting. This will cost you around $4 per month. You should not rely on all services. Don’t even use dedicated hosting, it is mostly for those who can dive deep in technologies. If you have a website which is very popular you would require a dedicated server who knows all technology behind it.
So, what you have to do now is to choose VPS servers. It will costs you around $25-$50 per month. These high end servers are more capable than the low end dedicated servers.

The second option is Managed WordPress hosting. It is a WordPress centric approach. On VPS, you could run application, WP managed WordPress hosting allows only WordPress.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Plugins

Plugins can cause memory and security leaks. A so called great plugin P3 i.e. Plugin Performance Profiler can help you in identifying problems related to it. Just uninstall which is not in use. It should have a zero performance impact.

So, by only removing unnecessary plugins you can make WordPress site speed constant for your site.

  1. Update your CMS

We may see some sites running still at older version i.e. WordPress 3.5. By improving version, it not only provides speed but also the security. They patch those security issues.
If there will be any security hole, then there may be chances of defamatory code gets into your website which can slow down your site. If you update the CMS, then you are able to optimize the website. Database will get less crowded and the queries will get faster effecting increase in the speed of WordPress site over time.

  1. Enable Caching

Our most favorite method as it is no.1 in use because it can give drastic improvements. Remember when you started learning the spelling of dictionary. You worked while joining the word to word. Now, if someone asks you, you can instantly give answer. You brain has just cached the result for you; you don’t need to join as before you do it.
If you just go with the basic, you can achieve at least 80% of the speed.

  1. Optimizing images

As we need to compress images that make them smaller by 30-80% of the actual size image and mostly without any noticeable difference.

You can use WP Smush Pro which is being used by over 200,000 users in the WordPress. That will eventually resize the images automatically.

This will definitely help you in optimizing images and increase speed of your WordPress site.


If you want to achieve your target of speeding up your WordPress website then you need to cleverly balance the tools. If I talk in technical terms, while disabling styling and Java Script, you can even speed up your website.
There are large numbers of other options to speed up WordPress website as well; these are some of the common once.

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