How to Install WordPress on GoDaddy Managed WP Hosting

Looking for the procedure to install WordPress on GoDaddy? Then it is the right place to find out. WordPress is open source software, which provides a very famous blogging platform, which is commonly used by the bloggers. WordPress is very popular as a website management system or blogging system. In addition, it provides several features to its registered users such as blog hosting which is free of cost and some VIP benefits are also provided to its users.

Why WordPress on GoDaddy

Godaddy is a very popular domain registering and web-hosting site. There are around 17 million customers worldwide .The positive thing about GoDaddy is that if a non –technical person finds himself in a need of a site and does not know anything regarding creating a site could use this to build one on his own. GoDaddy makes it easy for even a beginner blogger to install a WordPress blog. There are also various packages that are offered to the users to choose from.

Before starting the installation part, the user must choose the package. If just starting out with the blogging part then the basic package/ starter package is recommended:

  • After the package is chosen from the given offers i.e. basic, deluxe, ultimate click on add to cart.
  • After clicking on add to cart it opens a page with search bar if the user wishes to search something then he can proceed.
  • If the user is not interested in searching anything then he can simply click on > No thanks. I’ll pass on the freebie.

Signing in /Create a new account

  • A new page will open and will ask to sign in or create an account
  • If already, have an account sign-in or create a new account.

Billing Information/Personal details

  • After signing in or when the account is successfully created, a new page opens that asks for billing information from the user.
  • Fill up the correct information including name, email-id, address, pin-code etc.
  • Alongside while entering the billing information it shows up the information names as “Your Items”.
  • Set preferences accordingly such as Starter Linux Hosting with cPanel, Basic Managed WordPress Websites, GoDaddy Business Email etc.
  • All these preferences can be chosen by the user and even deleted by simply pressing the dustbin icon alongside.
  • The webpage also shows the recommendations for its users just below the billing information box. If the user wishes he could add the recommendation to his cart.
  • The consumer needs to pay only for what he chose and use.
  • Subtotal, the total is shown at the end and the user could use the promo code provided below the total to get some benefits of discounts.
  • If the user has any sort of query in his mind, he could chat or seek help from the experts.

Proceed to pay

  • After all this the user could proceed to pay, there are various payment methods available to the user from which he could choose the most convenient method he wants to.
  • After the user makes his selection and clicks on complete purchase button a new window pops –up.
  • The new window asks for the information regarding the payment method the user has chosen i.e. card number etc.
  • After the user inserts the relevant information, clicks on proceed the payment is completed.
  • Once the payment is completed, a page opens having the order details consisting of order amount, bill amount and account information.

Starting with the installation part

  • On the same page, a box like a button appears > Managed WordPress.
  • Click on that button to begin the free installation of WordPress.
  • The user does not have to use FTP to install a blog with GoDaddy managed WordPress Hosting. All the work is done at the backend by the GoDaddy team itself.
  • After the process is completed, a webpage will open with a header All Hosting Accounts and the user account with the user’s name will be shown at the top right corner of the page.
  • Under All Hosting, accounts go to new managed WordPress and click on Setup button.
  • After clicking on setup button, it shows two options: Create a New WordPress Website or Migrate your existing WordPress Website.

Creating a New WordPress Website

  • For the new users, click on Create a New WordPress Website.
  • It is assumed that the user has purchased a domain, if not so then the user could visit GoDaddy domains page and choose the domain name as per choice.
  • After the domain name is selected, the user just needs to select the domain from the drop-down list on which he wants to install the blog.
  • Wait for a while, until GoDaddy finishes the installation process.
  • After everything is completed, enter the WordPress login details including username, password, and email address and start blogging!


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