How to Bring Lots of Traffic to Your Website from Social Media Platforms

Today all of the major brands are posting top-quality content to attract large number of customers towards their websites. Driving audiences to your website is not rocket science. One of the best ways to do this is by promoting the content you have published on your website/blog on your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. The process does become much easier when you have a larger audience, and there are a few dominant tools out there to get Instagram followers in record time. Here are top 4 tricks that you should absolutely master to attract huge traffic via social media platforms.

  1. Sharing content more than one time

Many first-timers ask is it okay to share same content more than once? One thing you should know is not many people notice these kind things very often. And even if they do and you face a situation like this, at that moment you should ask yourself ‘What could be the worst thing that can happen by this?’ Statistics have shown that not only sharing same content over social media is ok but also necessary for your post to get noticed by your audiences. If you post few times on Facebook and Instagram, chances are your posts are more likely to get noticed by your Facebook followers and Instagram followers by this way. 



  1. A guideline for posting content more than once

To share content more than once on your social media pages, you must have a schedule and some set of basic rules. You should ask yourself questions like, “How much sharing contents on social media pages is acceptable?” “What would be the best time to post or share your contents?”“What should be the interval between each shared posts?”“How can you add variety and flavor to the post you are sharing?” With proper planning and strategy, you will have a well-crafted schedule in your hand that you could follow. Create a routine where you mention which content would be posted on which day after your blogs go live. You can follow the same routine over and over again while posting or you can add little changes to it each time.

  1. Don’t be a spammer

The last thing you need is to be known as a spammer. Many first-timers post randomly every single hour one after another. Though this might lead to lots of clicks, this method should be avoided in general. If you share too many contents, people eventually will avoid your posts or may unfollow you. For these reasons, you should have a clear set of rules to avoid a situation like this. Keeping in mind that your posts are for your audiences, you should have a schedule that you can stick to. You can also exchange your place with your audiences. That way you could also have their point of view and have a better understanding of how much posting is ok and how much is not.

  1. Avoid posting the same message the same way repeatedly

Most often we share our posts with a title, a link, and some hashtags. But once you keep repeating this same thing over and over again, it can turn into a very monotonous or dull experience for your target audience. You must add variety to your posts. You can use different citations, facts, and interesting points from your content each time while sharing. Statistics have shown that this type of variety will engage your audiences and would be able to bring traffic to your website.


If you carefully follow the aforementioned tips, you will be able to attract huge numbers of potential customers to your website by sharing contents over social media platforms. Don’t forget to periodically monitor your results.


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