How To Become a Freelance Writer

Being your own boss is the dream and the online world makes it possible. Working from anywhere in the world sounds like an amazing life to have. Freelance writing is one of the most popular online jobs. It is the best business beginners can start online, and they can do it right now.

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1. Find the type of writing you want to do

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There are different types of freelance writing. There SEO writing, B2B writing, ghostwriting, content writing, copywriting, and more. The process of becoming a freelance writer in any of these categories is similar. You might already know which category suits your best, but if you don’t the best thing you can do is to start writing.

Becoming a freelance writer is all about experimenting and finding what type of writing you feel the most confident with. The thing is that every style of writing can be learned and improved as time goes and you gain more experience.

2. Take advantage of your knowledge

You can become a freelance writer in almost any field there is. You will have an advantage if you start writing about topics that you have certain expertise in. Writing about the things you already have some knowledge about will not only make it much easier for you, but much more people will want to hire you as your articles will give a much more professional feel.

Make a list of all of your past work experience, your hobbies, education, skills, and things you know you have good knowledge about.

3. Choose a niche

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With freelance writing, it is easy to be tempted to start writing articles on any topic. If you choose a specific niche you are good in, there is a better chance that someone will want to hire you. Being specialized will make you look much more professional.

Narrow it down to a  larger niche and then niche down multiple times until you have a much more specific field. Keep in mind that it may take a longer time to find the niche that suits you the best. You can always start broad and then slowly as you gain more experience niche down.

4. Do a lot of research

To look like an expert in a specific niche you need to be up to date with what is currently happening. Make sure to write down all the businesses, important people, websites, tools, social media accounts, and everything else important within your niche.

The more you know about this niche the better freelance writer you are going to be. This list will also help you when you start pitching to people as you will not lose time to do your in-depth research.

5. Build your freelance writing portfolio

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You can do this by creating your website or signing up to different freelance writing platforms where you can find potential job opportunities. If you are a complete beginner and don’t have any freelance writing experience, creating your own website might be a great start.

You can both practice your writing skills but also show your potential employer your work. There are a lot of different website platforms you can start with, WordPress is the easiest and the most popular one.

Final Thoughts

These are some practical ways to become a freelance writer. There is no simpler way to do so than following the tips mentioned in this article.

Don’t think too much and just start writing and showing the potential employer what you have to offer. 

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