Connection timed out WordPress

Connection timed out WordPress

Connection timed out WordPress error is irritating. It can cause many further problems. as stats clearly, more or less its related to your resources assigned to WordPress, use mentioned solution to handle this and if you can’t yourself

How to Disable Comments In WordPress

How to Disable Comments in WordPress

Not on all blog posts you need comments right ? and sometimes it happens too, that Your WordPress starts to show comments on Pages too right ?, well its not WordPress fault its the settings.  WordPress has On-screen settings which let you control that.

How to Reset WordPress Password on Localhost

wordpress reset password

Hello, everyone if you are a WordPress user then you definitely think at some point in time that if you forgot your WordPress password then what will happen or you already forgotten it. If this is your problem then

How to Install WordPress on GoDaddy Managed WP Hosting


Looking for the procedure to install WordPress on GoDaddy? Then it is the right place to find out. WordPress is open source software, which provides a very famous blogging platform, which is

WordPress pluggable.php File Error

plugguable function

Are you a WordPress user? Have you have marked the issue with Pluggable.php on your favorite website? If yes, don’t worry! “Pluggable.php File” is a widespread error faced by many WordPress users. Now you must think on the solution part right?