10 Best WordPress Starter Themes for Developers

WordPress has grown in such a way that we can access high-quality themes that save you a lot of work with the various elements that make up a “website”.

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Now, that you have a platform,  here are the best WordPress starter themes for developers.

1. Astra

Astra website

Astra is a developer-friendly WordPress theme. It includes over 100 basic themes and fully prepared web pages to help you get your site up and running fast. Astra’s beginning themes are designed for a variety of company areas. It is suitable for both developers and novices. If you’re a newbie searching for a practical place to start, Astra will make things a lot easier for you.

2. Underscores

Underscore homepage

Underscores is the common use of all WordPress starter themes for developers. It’s a reliable and manageable HTML5 and CSS starter theme. The clean code is designed to get out of the way and assist you in quickly creating a typical WordPress theme.

3. BlankSlate

BlackSlate banner

BlankSlate is a WordPress starter theme that is both uncomplicated and resilient. It was created with programmers in view. It’s straightforward, yet it provides a solid basis to build on. Custom CSS styles and SEO optimization are included in the theme.

4. Generic

Generic banner

Generic is a WordPress starter theme with a minimalistic layout. The theme is excellent for creating unique websites or as a starting point for creating a new theme. It’s a flexible WordPress starter theme that’s geared to search engines. The theme has been changed to suit review standards, boosting your chances of success.

5. Nebula

Nebula GitHub

Nebula is a WordPress starter theme that operates more like a structure than a theme. It incorporates exclusive features such as a recommendation system for 404 and a no-search-result page.

6. Responsive

Responsive banner

CyberChimps’ Responsive is a WordPress starter theme that has been installed more than 40,000 times. Responsive is one of the most popular themes in the WordPress directory, and it works with the Gutenberg editor as well as most WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce.

This makes customizing this starting theme, which includes nine-page layouts, four menu positions, etc.

7. Quark

Quark homepage

Quark is intended to be used as a building foundation for developing basic, active WordPress themes. It is coded in both HTML5 and CSS3. It was designed on a 12-column grid based on the Underscores and TwentyTwelve themes. It also includes FontAwesome-powered icons, drop-down tabs, switch buttons, unique headings and backdrops, and a variety of page and post styles.

8. JointsWP

JointsWP homepage

JointsWP is yet another free WordPress theme that you can use to design graphics for your website. This Foundation 6 theme has everything you’ll need to create complex, smartphone-friendly websites. This theme has navigation, hyperlinks, slideshows, and more. You’ll be able to install websites far more quickly than if you built them from the ground up.

9. Sage

Sage website

Sage is a WordPress starter theme that is both strong and adaptable. Sage allows you to build SASS stylesheets, optimize photos, enable synchronized device examination, and more. You can substitute it with another development framework or no framework at all after installation. Sage can assist you in creating a distinctive website, such as this one from the display.

10. Bones

Bones theme

Bones gives you a strong base to build your WordPress theme. Bones works for developers of all skill levels since it provides descriptive stylesheets that show you exactly what custom CSS and selectors are used. This theme’s best feature, other than being free, is its mobile-first design.

The SASS setup is unusual in that it uses only the required resources to display on smaller screens.

Final Thoughts

These are the 10 best WordPress starter themes for WordPress developers. Try some of these themes to find the one that works the best for your WordPress website.

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