Backup Service

Having good WordPress backup plan is an important thing for your WordPress blogs and websites. In case of any software and hardware failure, you make any change or something breaks down, or malicious hack attack, WordPress backups will become your safety net

Backup Services

Fix Wordpress Plugin

We can install, modify and edit your WordPress plugins and they will add new features in the plugins like you requested.

Hacked Wordpress

It is our 24/7 WordPress Backup service, which can restore your WP website within 12 hours and less (backup must be given). We can ensure, you won’t be hacked

Speed up your website

Are you having slow loading site? We’re here to fix your low loading site in blazing fast site

Fix Theme Issues

We have our own expert who will install, modify and edit your WordPress theme and they will add new features in the theme like you requested.

Maintenance Services

We provide 24/7 WordPress Backup service and Maintenance Services that are perfect for those who would like to stay away from their website-related daily tasks as well as focus on growing the business.

Remote WP Storage

If you backup the WordPress using plugin then most probably you are storing the backups on similar server where the WordPress is installed. Few plugins offer a choice to buy the 3rd party storage service like Amazon Cloud to store WordPress backups.

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