WordPress Security Service

Nearly one out of four websites run on WordPress platform and this widespread use makes the WordPress websites the most desirable target for the hackers. With hardening WordPress & creating the firewall, protecting your website security is an important task that you need to consider.

24/7 WordPress Security Service

Website Lockdown

For any security breach and potential attack, our highly qualified and professional team will configure these services and system in order to prevent any unwanted intrusion.

Multi-Factor authentication

Our team makes sure that your site is well secured with the two factor authentication as the precaution against any standard password approach.

Log Out Inactive Users

As the security conscious business world, we force any inactive users to sign out from the system just to improve your online safety.

SSL and Encrypt Data

Whenever your data is in transfer or transmission, protect it by using SSL and we will help you to get the certificate and the configuration.

Force Strong Passwords

The strong passwords will get user important security against attacks and frauds.

24/7 Monitoring

The prevention is much better than the cure. The same is the case in monitoring before revival and we will keep the check on your website round-a-clock in order to catch any kind of problem.

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