Easy Tips to Improve Speed of your WordPress Website

Why is speed important for WordPress Website?

When creating a website, speed is one of the most important features that need to be taken care of. The content is important but what if the visitors open the website and before even having a view of the content choose to go open another site and read content from there. Having the best content quality and all the hard work then goes to waste. Speed might not be that important before now. In recent times when everything is in the digital world, the topic of speed has gained a lot of importance and a lot of attention is being paid by the website creators on the speed of their website. Making it load fast and quick to avoid losing traffic and in return increasing the rating of their website.

How can the Speed of the Website be checked?

When the creator of the website opens it on his computer or any browser and the website loads normally, it is a mistake to think that the website is not slow and is loading with optimum speed. When an individual opens his website continuously, the browser stores the website in the cache and then can load it with speed. Therefore he feels that the website is loading instantly and whenever anyone else will open the website, it will open instantly for them as well. On the contrary, a new user will not be able to have the same experience. The speed of the website depends on a lot of different factors and can be different for everyone. Hence, it is always recommended that the speed of the website should always be tested before launching it for the public.

There are different website like Google for instance which helps to check the speed of the website and point out the areas which should be optimized to increase the speed at which the content and the website loads. These websites that provide this service is free and do not charge anything even if used repeatedly. 

Some of the major but easy steps are mentioned which if optimized can help in improving the speed of the website and increase the time that the visitors spend on it. 

A good Host

The choice of a good host is immensely important. If a good host is not chosen it can affect the speed and the performance of the website. This will eventually affect the viewership and the amount of traffic on the website and your business will incur a huge loss. It is important to always choose those hosts that provide speed along with good customer service so if the website seems to show some error, it can be corrected at the moment and the problem can be solved.

An amazing and faster theme

Where the initial focus of the themes is on the color scheme and the layout of the page along with the customization of the different features present in it, the themes also have the added features of search engine optimization and speed. If certain themes are selected and either downloaded and used or used for free, they tend to be speedy. This speed helps to increase the speed of the website and makes it faster and smoother to use. In addition to this, the website then starts to be visible on the top of the search results pages and the influx of traffic on the website automatically increases. If you can’t find your way around themes and plugins try and consult a web design company that could clear things up.

Faster loading images

Images are a part of the website and excellent quality of the pictures is always a priority that needs to be completed before. There are different websites available that will help you reduce the size of the images but does not decrease the quality of the images. This makes websites faster because they can load speedily and satisfy the viewer. There are various WordPress plugins as well and by using these plugins, the image size can be decreased.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A content delivery network takes some of the specific files that are present on a website and allows visitors to download them with later helps to load the websites faster. Different companies are providing this service which is available at reasonable prices. The dashboard is also very easy to use. The website creator should also pay attention to this useful tip and make sure that the best content delivery network service is used.

Optimization of Homepage

Optimization of the home page does not alone refer to the fact that the website loads the fastest, and that is it. There are a lot of steps that need to be taken to optimize the home page. Homepages are always important, if the homepage is boring and good in view, the viewer gets bored and choose to opt for some other website containing similar content. A few things can be done resulting in the optimization of the homepage. The number of posts on a page could be decreased, unnecessary content and even widgets can be removed from the website, only keeping those that are required and necessary. Keeping the content minimal, to the point and neat. Following these different ways can help optimize the homepage in the best possible way

All of these above-mentioned steps can help to improve the speed of the WordPress Website and make it professional enough that it can attract the audience as well as increase the traffic and the time for which the audience stays on the page. The homepage should be improved to create a good impact on the viewers to be able to run your business or advertise yourself accordingly and fulfilling the needs of the creator of the website.

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