Difference between Keyword Density, Proximity & Prominence


What are Keywords in Search Engine Optimization

In SEO keyword is a search term used to find information in search engines. Keyword play very important role in search engine optimization. When you enter a single word or phrase in search bar for searching something is called keyword. It is more important to know that how the keyword search is working. Firstly know what users is looking for and what type of keyword they use in search engine related to your content. When you understand the user then you get right traffic for your business or website.

Why Keyword is Important in SEO

Keywords are important for every business because with the help of right keyword, you can target your right audience. A right keyword gives success to your business. If your keyword is relevant to your content then user easily find the content on search engines. Keyword creates relation between people who are searching and content which is provided by you. Your content should be original because search engine always show those content which is unique. A right keyword always gives you high ranking in search engines and drive more traffic to your website. All searches depend upon the keywords and right traffic depends on the informative content.

Type of Keywords

In SEO there are mainly three type of keywords i.e.

  1. Generic Keyword: -These keywords search by those people who aren’t aware of your company or brad and people usually use these types of keywords at that moment when they haven’t chosen a specific brand or company.
  2. Broad Match Keyword: — Broad match keywords are those keywords which user search in search engine with a particular product name. For example:- “NavThemes AIR PRO One Page Multipurpose Theme”
  3. Long Tail Keyword: -Combination of three of four keyword phrase is called long tail keywords.
    For example: – “WordPress themes” is a keyword and “best responsive premium WordPress themes” is a long tail keyword. Long tail keyword gives more quality leads and improve head term ranking.

What is Keyword Density

The number of keywords use in an article divided by total number of words used is that article is called keyword density. The maximum keyword density you can put in article is almost 3-4%, if you keep your density up to 2-3% that would be better for you and things will be balanced.

What is Keyword Prominence

Placement of the keywords in article is called keyword prominence. There are many places where you can put your keyword so that search engines crawler can easily discover it and give them high value. You need to add your keywords in the Title, URL, Meta description, Headings, Image alt tag. But if you are inserting excessive keyword (keyword stuffing) in article then search engine destroy your website ranking.

What is Keyword Proximity

The distance between two keywords is called keyword proximity. For example if a person search for “how to create Facebook pixel 2017” and Google shows him this result “Facebook pixel & how to create them” so in this scenario the exact keyword is “create Facebook pixel”, while in Google’s result there is distance between the word ”Facebook pixel” and the word “create”, so there is called keyword proximity.


The strength of content is depends upon the keywords because you can’t get traffic to your website or blog through search engines without the implementation of right keywords. If you post content on your website which is helpful for your users but you didn’t maintain the keyword prominence, proximity and density then your target users won’t find your content on search engines. So the proper use of keywords is very important in SEO to you good result/traffic through search engines.

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