5 Best WordPress Author Box plugins To Add Author Bio


So, you might read many articles searching for relevant information.


So, what’s next?

Want to know who is the author of that article?

Even me too, I try to find out the author’s name and bio and his relevant articles.

I believe most of you do the same.

Can we add an author bio box to your blog?

It will be useful when you are trying finding out some information related to author so that you can connect personally with them through social media, website and email etc.

So, here I am going to share some of the Word Press author box plugins.

  • Fancier Author Box
  • WP Biographia
  • Social Author Bio
  • Author Box with different description
  • WP About Author


Fancier Author Box

The Fancier Author Box plugin is really attractive that will make your site graceful.

It has the tabs to show the author’s latest posts. It would show the box above, below, both above and below posts as well as it gives the option for Pages too.

It also provides options to control the box colors.

These are some settings of this Fancier Author Box:




WP Biographia

The WP Biographia plugin directs you to give you control over nearly every aspect of your author boxes. It gives you the display on front page, single posts, and archives. It also provides custom posts and RSS feeds. It displays full text bio and before or after post content.

It places bio box on page with short code. You can enable or disable social media links. It can override bio box on a single post basis.

It controls background colors, box colors and border properties. It also controls which information is shown from profile.

These are some settings options of the WP Biographia:


Social Author Bio

The Social Author Bio plugin adds a number of social media icons to your bio box.

The one special thing that makes it fame is the Google+ authorship and the authorship helps you to get your avatar to get appear in Google Search Results.

Instead of this authorship and social icons, you can use short codes to display the social icons, adjusting the size of images, picking up the location of the author as well as you can customize the styling of the author box using css and html boxes.

These are the in-depth styling options.

 Author Box with different description

The author box with different description plugin’s let the authors to put in a different bio for different posts. This will prove really helpful if you have guest bloggers with more than one post.

Generally we face the issue that guest bloggers blog to promote their blog and mostly for the SEO purposes. If in case they need to use the same bio on each post, it would limit the number of things they can promote. So, this plugin will help in resolving that issue.

By using the custom field metabox at the bottom of the posts, you can get a different description on the post. First, you need to add author_desc and then your customized one author bio.

It has the ability to add text or icons for different social media site.

This is the settings page.

WP About Author

The WP about Author plugin is a complete solution with which you can change the color of Author box, can choose where you want to show the box whether on top or bottom of the post and same for on which types of pages to show that box whether front page, archives, single post pages ad RSS feeds.

This is the setting page:

So, these are the best WordPress Author plugins and makes your bio stand out extra little and hooking up the social profiles at the same time.

I hope you like our information and can choose any one of them, it will work great for you.

We will get back to you with some more information. Stay tuned with us.





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