Speed Optimization Service

Is your WordPress site little sluggish? Allow us to convert your slow site into a hi-speed sales site!

Speed Optimization


The cache plugin, as well as the hosting, are two major factors to consider for site speed and when it is combined, it keeps the ability to fix more than 20 different items in GT metrix. WP rocket was assigned a topmost rating and we strongly recommend it.

Install cache plug-in and set up

WordPress website caching is one of the vital ways we make use of to enhance the speed of your WordPress site. With WP rocket and WP super cache, we enable the WordPress sites and blogs to load faster. This is one of the best plugs in.

Image optimization

For image optimization there are 3 ways like resizing large images, losslessly compressing images and adding width and height to images either in HTML or CSS. Optimizing your site image helps in enhancing the loading speed for variable images

Minify resources

Minimisation mostly involves breaking some of the themes as well as plugins. We perform minimisation as much as possible without disturbing the performance of your website. We also have a look at your style sheets to decrease the delivery time by keeping all functions on your site properly.

Enable compression

We take benefit of all compression that is installed on your server to ensure your cache and other files are increasing the resources that are available to your website.

Decrease the server response time

When the server is inadequate it often results in slow websites. The hosting provider is not cutting; we will help you by moving you to our complete WordPress hosting environment that too free.

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