Email Not Sending Issue in WordPress Website

As you know most of the websites are made on WordPress and among them almost 70% website owner normally faces a very common issue which is nothing but WordPress not sending email errors. Most of them want to know the core reason behind this error and how to fix it? If you are one of them who is facing same issue and want to know how to fix it in proper way then this post is definitely for you. Most of the time people think that this issue is nothing but the server but this is absolutely wrong. It normally happened due to the incorrect setup and incompatibility during the WordPress installation. Here we are going to discuss some necessary steps to resolve this email not sending issues so just follow these steps and you can get rid from this issue. You can apply these steps for any WordPress hosting provider.

How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Emails?

This is a typical WordPress problem which might include several reasons like incorrect settings in plugins or any other incompatibility with PH7, HHVM and some relevant things. Here are some solutions we are going to discuss just apply them and see the result.

Test Email on your Server

The very first thing you need to do is just run a test on your website with any free email check plugin. With the help of a free email check plugin you can easily check the problem. Just click check mail option on the free email plugin and put the required email address to check. This is very simple and you can get the result as soon as possible through a confirmation message. Check the email id whether you got the mail or not. If you got the email then the thing is sure that there is some misconfiguration with the contact form plugin or it’s due to incompatibility. In such case just contact the plugin developer and take help to fix WordPress not sending the email issue. Sometimes SMTP ports are blocked due to huge number of abuses and in such condition; you need to try any unconventional port like 2525.

How you can configure SMTP in WordPress Website

If the above discussed methodologies are not working for you then the best way is to take the help of a 3rd party SMPT provider. Just go for any 3rd party SMTP provider and setup the WordPress. You can configure Gmail SMTP in WordPress. So let’s discuss more how to configure Gmail SMTP in WordPress.


First of all just install the free plugin which is known as Gmail SMTP. This plugins also works perfectly for WooCommerce. This is a most secured login system plugin and on this plugin you don’t need to put any kind of username or password.


After the installation you have to open up a new tab and choose create new project with Google. Then just go to the and just log in with the required Gmail account which you will use to send mails. Then you have to create a new project.


After that just name your new project and click on the create button.


After naming the project go to the dashboard of your project and click on the enable APIS and Services.


Then just click on the Gmail API which is always present under the GSuite APIs.


Then click on the Enable button.


After enable it just clicks on the credentials, which is always present on the left hand side. There you will find an OAuth client ID just choose that section.


On the next step you need to configure it by clicking on the configuration consent screen.


Then just put the email address and product name. Another important thing you have to fill up which is privacy policy URL.


In next step you will get the option of application type. There you need to choose the web application category. Just enter a name and then paste it with the authorized java script origin from the setting of Gmail SMTP plugin. After that you need to save the whole change you did on that page.


On this section you will get the client ID and the secret of client. Just copy all information in the Gmail SMTP plugin. Then go to the other settings like OAuth Email address, From Email address, From Name, Type of encryption and SMTP Port and put required information then click of the save button.


Then just back to the Google developer console section and add your domain name for the verification purpose.


After the verification process you need to grant permission with Google from the plugin settings.

After all these steps you need to send a test email for the checkup. Just send the check email and test whether everything is working properly or not. If still you are facing difficulties then you can click on the Troubleshooting tips section for the Gmail SMTP plugin. This method can help you a lot to fix the WordPress not sending email error and it’s the most popular method ever to fix this issue.

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