Top 10 CRM Sales Reports That Can Benefit Your Company

The power of knowledge is in the mind. As a sales manager, you are aware of this.

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When it comes down to it, this is what customers need from sales reps. The knowledge of your product is certainly valuable.

However, it’s not enough to allow your team to succeed. You must also be aware of the factors that impact your team’s performance. They will allow you to modify your sales procedure and fill in gaps in knowledge when they arise.

1. CRM Pipeline Report

CRM pipeline reports offer an overview of how your leads and team are moving forward. It is possible to track the worth and status of each deal at each stage of selling.

This kind of report will help you assess whether the sales volume aligns with your sales objectives. CRM pipeline reports identify potential trouble areas so your team can concentrate on enhancing the sales campaign.

2. Sales Performance Report

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Performance reports on sales provide you with information on how your sales representatives are doing about closing the desired amount of sales. They also provide estimates of your pipeline sales’ anticipated and actual worth. The details will be provided for every opportunity you have over an extended period.

3. Forecasted Sales Report

Forecasted Sales, also known as win probability, will show you projected revenues within a specific time. This kind of report is created by analyzing data regarding sales leads and trends. It also informs sales representatives if they can meet their sales targets with the current pace of their efforts and actions.

4. Sales Activity Report

A sales activity report records the number of phone calls, appointments, emails, and other actions that sales reps have completed over time. It also lists the scheduled activities for the upcoming weeks.

The report gives sales executives an indication of whether or not your everyday activities can help you achieve your sales targets and what activities are worthwhile to keep.

5. Le Source Analyse Report

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Lead source reports reveal how potential customers know about your company and what draws them to products or solutions. The sources could include Google searches, ads campaigns, social media, and email.

This kind of report also provides a deeper look at the demographics and quality of your leads. This way, you can stop advertising campaigns that don’t increase sales.

6. Call Report

Call reports, also known as case log summaries, give you an insight into the quality of your interactions with customers and why customers choose to contact the help desk. They also provide insight into whether your support reps are spending enough time building relationships with customers.

Additionally, they will provide information about how efficient your reps are at making calls into sales and whether you should alter the method you use to get in touch with your customers.

7. Profitability Report

A profit and loss report can show you which customers bring the most money, are loyal to your company, and are most likely repeat customers. It will also reveal the revenue you earn from different leads or accounts.

It identifies the reps that have the greatest success at closing the deal. This kind of report can help you determine your top clients and agents.

8. Lead source report

In terms of sales efficiency, the most important principle is you won’t be successful in sales if your efficiency isn’t maximized.

To accomplish this, it is important to determine the sources your prospects come from and follow up on their behalf without wasting efforts on lead generation that don’t produce any results.

9. Progress report on the goal

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Goal progress reporting can change how your team of salespeople works. It will let you know the exact needs of your sales team and provide the necessary sales training and ensure that you’re providing them with everything they need to achieve their goals in a short time.

This report is a fantastic method to gain an understanding of what your performance is about how you can improve your performance. It also informs all team members on the direction they should be taking to succeed and ensures that there’s no doubt about what strategy is most effective for the specific role within the organization.

10. Contacts to report

Contacts are the most valuable asset for a salesperson. It is impossible to predict what will happen to a potential client, so it’s vital to keep contact details available to help generate leads and give them the services they require immediately.

A well-designed contacts report must contain all kinds of information about the number of times the person was approached recently by a sales rep and by the channels (e.g. phone calls, email, or social media.)


There was a time when sales were considered a shot in the dark. Certain people were naturally adept in sales, while the rest had to learn how to compete. Modern technology has transformed sales into a mix of art and science.

Utilizing the power of CRM reporting, sales reps can discover trends in their information, allowing them to better connect with their customers, boost their sales pipeline, and forecast how they’ll do in the next period or throughout the year.

Researching CRM reports is worth your time as they can help you improve your sales processes today!

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