Top Code Assessment Platforms For Software Engineers

If you are interested in hiring a software engineer, you should first see their code. Not many years ago you would just give your candidates some riddles which were not a very efficient way to hire a software engineer. Now you will simply need code assessment tools in the job interview.

It is always an option for them to try out with what you're using already, but it is way easier to use #code assessment tools that already exist out there Click To Tweet

Thanks to them, it is so much easier to hire a software engineer. So, let’s check out some of the best ones. But before we do that, let us emphasize that every business needs a well-rounded website, and the first step to one is superb hosting.

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HackerRank homepage

HackerRank is a platform for hackers where they can collaborate to solve real-world challenges, interesting riddles, and code game bots. Those who solve problems are in charge of how the world works and progresses. Hackers, programmers, and other professionals are among them.

The faster problems are solved, the faster innovations come your way and as a result, the world moves faster. HackerRank has something that piques the interest of every solver alive. All possible challenges include machine learning difficulties, mathematics puzzles, JavaScript hacks, image processing, etc…

Currently, HackerRank covers 35 programming languages in its evaluations. Some test cases are disorganized, but depending on the company’s open roles, you can create your own challenge.


HackerEarth homepage

HackerEarth is an Indian online technical recruitment tool that allows you to build tests and assess candidates in order to identify the best fit for you. It automates the process of going through hundreds of resumes, which saves your time and allows you to swiftly filter applicants.

It was created with the goal of making technical recruitment as simple as possible. Furthermore, it generates reports with details of every single applicant’s performance based on a variety of tests. It also provides smart insights on usage and recruitment activity, which allows you to make informed decisions about future hiring needs.

HackerEarth has rigorous anti-plagiarism policies in place, such as prohibiting copying and pasting in assessments and tab switching in a testing environment.


CodinGame homepage

CodinGame creates online platforms for developers that allow them to solve difficult puzzles. The difficulty of puzzles increases as they go on. The platform helps developers to code more effectively with an online app that supports 25 programming languages including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, etc…

Developers can also compete in a multiplayer programming contest that involves artificial intelligence or code challenges. CodinGame functions also as a recruiting platform that allows developers to be spotted by businesses depending on their performance in contests.

CodinGame assists corporations looking to connect with developers by hosting worldwide contests every 3 months. It also helps employers in determining the level of their programmer applicants through coding examinations.

The platform’s user interface is simple to use and navigate for non-technical people. Instead of hands-on coding assignments, the majority of the platform’s questions are theoretical.


Codility homepage

Codility is a platform that helps engineering teams hire remote workers. They utilize the platform to anticipate their technical candidates’ real-world talent at all phases of the recruiting process, including unbiased and relevant evaluations on CodeCheck, live technical interviews on CodeLive, and virtual recruitment campaigns with CodeChallenges – all done remotely and at scale.

This results in speedier hiring, time savings, and more time for engineers to solve important challenges. Based on technical skill, the Codility assessment engine delivers a clear signal as to which applicants are most likely to advance.

Codility allows hiring managers to conduct remote live coding sessions with their candidates, which may be recorded and shared through API or direct interaction with your applicant tracking system. They offer a limited task library, but creating your own challenge is simple.

The platform can be linked to an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline the hiring process. You get to choose from 14 different programming languages to complete assignments.


Companies are continuously looking for bright and experienced software engineers to join their ranks. Excellent software engineers create great products, which is why many companies place a premium on employing bright programmers. Trust us, behind every great tool/product such as, stands an excellent software engineer.

Code assessment platforms are frequently used as part of the candidate screening process in order to effectively assess the programming skills of potential hiring.

In comparison to traditional recruiting methods, code assessment tools give a quantitative and objective selection procedure (e.g. unstructured interviews.)

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