Are you certain that the current version you are using and your website that is running on WordPress is completely safe from all types of hacking threats or not? When did you last update your WordPress? Since, this platform is growing and more and more people are joining it, the security threats for WordPress are also increasing. In the earlier WordPress versions, the hackers have already found the loopholes and can easily infiltrate them for their personal interest. So, the people who are trying to protect WordPress always keep looking for better ideas with they add to the regular WordPress update so that the users can keep their amazing websites safe and secure from all the possible threats.

So, if you are not certain that whether the current version you are using is completely updated or not, then you can quickly check it at the top of admin section, you’ll notice a message which is a notification from WordPress to inform the users to update their system. It helps to make sure that the version you are working on, is the latest one. Having the latest WordPress update installed provides your site with optimum security. In case you are not sure about the updates, then always remember the fact that a virus will damage your system far more than an update will ever do. You can have a backup by reaching out to the Tools laid for you in admin section then click on “export” option to save the file on your computer. If you need to re-install the fresh updates, all you got to do is click “tools” then click on the “import” option and further follow the guided instructions.     

It is also advisable to check your plug-ins. It is often seen that while making an upgrade, the plug-ins are in complete compatibility with the changes. So, you can upgrade the major plug-ins first in order to proceed with the latest WordPress update. It’s better to give up a plug-in instead of doing all the hard work for your website. So, if you are using WordPress to run your business, you need to upgrade when it is required. The best about WordPress is that it informs you instantly about updates, but there are a few things to check upon if you want to be hundred per cent certain about the latest releases. Some of the major things are listed below for you to read –

Is it a fresh release – You can install the fresh releases and maintain a backup. If you wish to re-install and want to know whether the release is absolutely new or not then you can do certain tests and re-tests to confirm that. As the releases gets viral, you get to know about it more, so hold off for some time say for a week before you re-install the updates. This will give the Develop team of WordPress sometime to inform the users about bugs.

Genuine source – Always install the updates from genuine source that is the WordPress development team. Do not look for updates on unauthorized websites.

There are three important things that you must keep updated if you are WordPress users – the application, plug-ins and the themes. With every new update, you can find ways to fix the security issues and bugs, as well. The major updates for WordPress, so far are – 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.

Most of the users do not like to update their themes they instead modify them to look more personal, this is why; it is suggested to go for child themes rather than improving the main parent theme. You can make a lot changes in your child themes to get better functionality. Since, the users can use WordPress for free as it is developed to help the developer’s community therefore new updates are very important to fix bugs, improve security, modify functions, add latest features and to enhance the overall performance to match the need of the growing industry standards. Thus, in other words, if you are not updating your site on WordPress platform, then you risking its security as well as missing out some of the finest improvements and smart features.

Currently, this platform power over twenty percent of sites in all parts of the world, therefore, since the popularity is high, it is one of the most suspected targets for data thieves, malicious code distributers, hackers, etc. Being an open source, any user can learn the source codes, easily. The hackers can even use then to break into the sites. Thus, to fix such security issues, the WordPress team works hard to offer the users with better updates to fix such problems, instantly. So, it is clear that if you are using the latest version, then you have software with identified safety vulnerabilities.

So, to keep your site absolutely safe and to make more responsive, check for wordpress updates, today only. In today’s time making your website popular and up in the search engine is most important.

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