The Importance of Certified Data Erasure in the Refurbishment Process

For businesses operating with used devices, there is a chance that personal data is left on the smartphone. As a result, it is essential for refurbishers to prevent data leaks and protect themselves from problems with the law. In today’s article, let’s look closely at what certified data destruction is and why it is crucial for your business.

Understanding Data Destruction Certifications

As data protection is a massive challenge in the modern world, multiple governments and non-governmental organizations create and update norms that regulate data management. These guidelines are optional, but their implementation means the company is committed to data protection.

Therefore, using solutions that have obtained data wiping certification lowers your risks of data breaches and relieves you of responsibility in case any personal information is leaked. As protecting data is becoming more challenging and solutions quickly become outdated, choose software that has several certifications to minimize risks — for example, NSYS Data Erasure.

Examples of Data Destruction Certifications

The most widely used and reputable certifications are the following:

  • NIST 800-88. These guidelines include three main sanitization techniques: Clear, Purge, and Destroy.
  • ADISA. The certification provides three schemes for different types of media that companies work with.
  • IEEE 2883-2022. This standard is based on NIST 800-88 and inherits its principles for media sanitization.

The Role of Data Destruction in Device Refurbishment

For used device businesses, and primarily wholesale used cell phones businesses, implementing certified data destruction solutions is crucial. Apart from preventing data breaches, they will save you time spent manually destroying data.

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For instance, with NSYS Data Erasure, you can connect up to 60 devices to a single PC and perform a data wipe simultaneously. For each phone or tablet, you will receive a certificate confirming that data was deleted in accordance with international standards.

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