Obstacles and hindrances occur in the development of any business. No matter which field you choose, you will be struck with momentary blockage due to unknown reasons. Sometimes you will be able to detect where the problem lies, but other times it will be hard to track the problem. All you can do is be cautious and careful of such critical moments.

For example, if there is a fear that you might lose data or a hacker may enter your system, you can count on experts who can fix the problem for you. But you might have heard the phrase, “Prevention is better than cure.” Based on this idea, you should avoid taking any steps that may cause you trouble in the long run.

That is what this article is about. We will discuss issues that you can avoid if you take some simple precautionary steps. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the whole process of curing the problem. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid the situation completely before it transforms into a problem? That’s what we are going to help you with.

Before we explain the methods of blocking your IP address in WordPress, let’s discuss the benefits of considering WordPress for your business. We do not want you to be discouraged from WordPress while we discuss the problems that might arise from its use.


Benefits of Using WordPress

Frequent Editing

If you have decided to use WordPress as your platform, you should know the best part about is the liberty to frequently edit your draft. You can choose any format you want, whenever you want. Another great thing is that it is free and extremely easy to use. You will need only a few lessons to learn how to use it. There are thousands of themes to choose from. Designing is solely based on your aesthetic sense.

Plug-in Perks

You can stretch the functionality of WordPress with the help of plug-ins, of which there are over 10,000. Some plug-ins will help you with social media sharing, advanced SEO, and image slideshows. Not just that, they will also help you discover many more methods of public engagement.

Constant Updates

On your WordPress website, you can make as many updates as you want and as many times as you can. Constant updating is important, as you have the SEO tools to help you analyze the public engagement on your page. Given those statistics, you have to constantly make changings in your draft/document/website. WordPress allows you to be as productive with your site as you can.

Google Friendly

Google loves WordPress for the reasons mentioned above. No other platform allows as many features as WordPress does for its users. That is why it ranks so highly in Google. If you do some research, you will find several instances where Google recommended WordPress for business sites.


Another reason we recommend WordPress is that it is extremely cheap. In fact, it is free. Of course you will have expenses for services like web design and maintenance. You can spend up to several thousand dollars, and we know it is not easy to afford that amount when you’re starting your business. WordPress should be your choice, as not only does it offer a multitude of themes and formats, it also gives you a chance to have a free platform for your website development and promotion.

Those are just some of the benefits of using WordPress for your website. Now you have an idea why 8% of sites are handled by WordPress.

Now we will discuss the problems you may face during the experience and how to combat those problems. Specifically, we will discuss how to block your IP address in WordPress.


On Managing WordPress

In case you have been constantly bugged by spam emails and comments, the first thing to do is hide your IP address. Your IP address has a great power, as it is like your system’s identity card. If this doesn’t make sense to you, here’s another analogy: your IP address is like your city or country if we think of the internet as the world. It means that your IP address is like the address to your location. Anyone can reach you if they know your IP Address. This is what should worry you. Why? Because if there are hackers on the prowl, they will easily seek you out if they get hold of your IP address.

You should know that on WordPress, it is really easy to find the IP address. You can even find your visitor’s IP address in your website’s access log documents. While you get the address of your visitors, likewise, the websites you visit also get your IP address, and that’s how your information is not just restricted to you.

If you want to hide this information, you have to use a virtual private network. You can hide your IP address, as well as other private information, by using one.

To avoid having your website inaccessible due to constant spamming and hacking, you can block your IP address from your website and hide it from leaking on other websites as well.

Here are a few steps you need to take in order to block your IP address:

  • Check your server’s access log
  • Login to the cPanel dashboard of your WordPress account
  • Open the “logs” section
  • Open “raw access folder”

Here you will find your domain name to access logs file.

  • In .gz archive file, you will find your access log file
  • Extract it
  • You can open the extracted file in Notepad

This access log file will show all the requests made to your website. You can see the IP address of these requests. While you’re doing this, avoid blocking yourself.

The next thing you should do is block these suspicious IP addresses. Here’s the quick way of doing that:

  • Go to WordPress admin area
  • Open Settings
  • Go to Discussion
  • Click “comment blacklist”
  • Now copy the suspicious IP addresses and paste them. Click the “save changes” button.


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