What Makes a Good Infographic? 5 Must-Have Qualities

Did you know, that 90% of the information our brains receive is visual? Infographics are a fun visual representation of facts and figures which are easier for us to digest.

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But you’re here to learn one thing and one thing only: what makes a good infographic?

Consider Its Purpose

First of all, what is your infographic for? What information are you trying to portray and why? Answering these questions will help you consider how much information to include and how to represent it.

If a particular fact or figure does not fulfill the purpose of the infographic, consider not including it. This should be the first thing to remove if your infographic is too busy or not working.

Who Is Your Target Audience

Audience chart

All designs should bear their target audience in mind. If your infographic is about childcare, you’re probably aiming it at parents. It will be designed differently to an infographic about trendy coffee aimed at young people.

Use color, shapes, fonts, and other graphics to appeal to your target audience and engage them.

Be Interesting

Write a snappy title that grabs the viewer’s attention. You want to tell people what your infographic is about.

Also, ensure your topic is something people care about. You’re taking viewers on a visual journey, telling a story. Stories are interesting, right?

We know to read a story from left to right, top to bottom. Your graphics should show the reader how to move from one piece of information to the next in the right order.

If your infographic is to drive traffic to your business, make sure the information is interesting to your target market. Answer questions they might have, cater to their wants and needs.

Promote Yourself

Brand identity book

You and your business are a brand. You want people to read your infographic and share it, and if they do, you should be sharing your brand along with it. Don’t forget to include your logo and even a credit somewhere which will lead people to your website.

Be true to your brand and make sure your infographic fits with the overall look and feel of your brand as a whole.

Prove Your Point

The most important part of your infographic is the information it contains. Make sure it’s accurate, check, and cite your sources.

If you provide incorrect information, you and your business could be losing credibility and confidence from your readers or customers.

Never make facts up or twist information to fit your needs. If someone fact checks your infographic and finds it to be incorrect, they might share that information and damage your business in a big way.

Don’t Overdo It

Man using GA

You don’t want to overload people. Like any design, don’t use all the colors and fonts in the world just because you can. Keep copy to a minimum, don’t forget about negative space, and maintain the hierarchy.

If your not a designer, consider employing a professional or using an infographics template.

What Makes a Good Infographic

Creating killer infographics is hard but now that you know the basics of what makes a good infographic, you should have a great place to start.

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