Trekking WordPress Theme Free

Trekking is a modern, clean and elegant free WordPress theme. It provides creativity and usability for the project. If you would like to design your website for transportation on mountains then you can choose our theme and can save time and money. It includes all the necessary functionalities to provide the logistic type services online. This is fully responsive theme which is compatible with all browsers and also with WordPress latest versions. You can also use several page options and different color schemes. It provides different sections such as about us, gallery and blog. They are well organized and beautifully represented. Like every website needs SEO, this theme provides SEO within it. It is optimized with high crafted coding and you will find UI elements within it. So, you can use this free theme to showcase your mountain trekking and bike trips.

Iconic Free WordPress Theme

Iconic Free WordPress Theme is Free Multipurpose theme. Its a perfect theme for any small business. SEO Friendly, quick loading, and Translation ready this theme is a must have in your theme collection. Comes with GNU License you can use it to unlimited websites for free.

StarLaw Free WordPress Lawyer Theme

If you are planning to get a website for your law firm, then this theme will definitely fulfil your requirement. The colour scheme used in this theme gives it a very elegant yet formal look. It is very important to choose the appropriate theme as it really enhances the look of the website and in turn plays a great role in attracting the visitors.

In the free version of this theme, you get Home page with few sections as About Us, Testimonials and space to mention your capabilities and Practice areas. In addition to it, this theme is compatible with all browsers. Along with beautiful design, this theme is also SEO friendly and responsive. You get space to share images and text both. Hence, you can upload maximum information about your Law Firm and also upload various images.

Plumbing Free WordPress Theme

Plumbing services are very much required in residential and commercial properties. However, these days the best way to reach out to maximum number of people is through digital marketing. In order to increase your online presence you should get a website for your business. Moving further, for creating website, you will have to choose a theme that suits your business the most. So, here is this free and beautifully designed wordpress theme for your website. You can go for free version initially and once you start getting the results you can upgrade to PRO this theme. You can also download its free plumbing website template.

Free version is loaded with various features such as SEO friendly code, easy to navigate user interface, quick to load mobile friendly design and various other features.

Dental Care Lite Free WordPress Theme

This is a really responsive, attractive  and SEO friendly free wordpress theme for dentists. It is designed to suit most of the dynamic websites of dental clinics. The color schemes used in this theme are amazing and it is compatible with various browsers. This theme has capability to accommodate good amount of content, images and lot more. The pages have various sections that allow you upload your content in a much organized format. This theme is equally attractive in mobile versions for Android and iOS. The most significant characteristic of this theme is its quick and easy navigation, even in mobile versions.

Cowork Lite Free WordPress Theme

Co-work spaces or shared office spaces are in great demand. It offers a collaborative and productive environment to work.  The concept of co-working space is very popular. So, if you are into this business and want to promote it by creating a website, then you can definitely go for this highly responsive free wordpress theme. With free version of this theme you can enjoy several features such as great colour scheme, amazing user interface, quick to load and is also available in mobile version. You get a decent amount of space to upload your content in a much organized way which makes it highly presentable. 

In Free version you get all the feature and Home Page to upload your content. 

Intechnic Lite WordPress Theme

Are you planning to get a website for your marketing business? If yes, then congratulations!! it is a great move. However, just thinking about creating a website is not enough. In addition to it, you need to work on how to make it more attractive and catchy. Effective and meaningful content will do the job for sure, but only when the look and feel of website will attract the viewers. And, as we know that look and feel depends on the theme of the website. So, in other words, theme of the website is extremely important to make the website popular. So, you need not to look any further now. The beautiful, attractive, elegant and highly responsive theme is here – the Intechnic. You can have it for free initially. You can upload your content in form of text or images.

Its free version is loaded with features like compatibility with all web browsers and mobile platforms, easy to navigate, loads quickly and SEO friendly. In free version you get only Home Page and few sections to upload the content.

SlyBlog Lite WordPress Theme

Blogging has become a really popular these days. Lots of people own several blogs where they share their experiences, knowledge and views with the world. Depending on area of interest of the owner, blogs can be of various types such as travel blog, food blog, etc. Blog is nothing but an online space where owner of the blog can upload the content in any format (text, image or video). So, to make your blog popular it is necessary to make it attractive. Apart from the content, the thing that catches the attention of viewers at first glance is the theme of the blog. It is very necessary to choose a theme that goes with the domain of your blog. Out of the various free blog themes available, Slyblog is the best theme for all sort of blogs. It is so beautifully designed that it suitable for all kind of blogs. This theme is highly responsive and easy to load. It is optimized for best SEO results. In free version, you get Home page and Contact page.

Business WordPress Theme Free

Free business WordPress theme is a simple but extremely feature rich theme which is adjustable in any device. If you want to create a website for any corporate and creative agency then it’s a perfect theme for you. In case you would like to make website in your own native language then you can do this with this free responsive WordPress theme as it is featured with translation. This theme is enriched with different sections of services, work and testimonial. The theme is very clear and elegant and has an intuitive interface. You can customize the theme as it has several options for customization process. It gives you responsive design as well as the compatibility with every browser. This theme is well equipped with custom logos, icons and menus. The time consumption will be less as it is more SEO friendly and translation ready WordPress theme.

Constra Free Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Constra is an attractive modern WordPress theme for free. It comes with great colorful design and much better flexibility. This theme can be used for business and corporate websites. It has a beautiful feature of drag and drop so that you can customize your theme according to your requirements. The most glamorous options it provides are custom menu with call to action button, engaging banners with call to action button, services and testimonial section. It is designed and developed in such a manner that it provides a free responsive construction WordPress theme. It is mobile, SEO, SMO friendly and compatible with WordPress latest versions. You can easily set up all the pages including Homepage. It comes with several features and options to make your website user-friendly, interactive and visual stunning. So, hurry and pick up this theme if this is relevant to your work.

Restaura Free WordPress Food Theme

Restaura is a clean and elegant multipurpose WordPress theme. It can be used for restaurant, cafe, coffee house or any of the business related with food. If your website seeks a classic and elegant look of it then you can use this theme for the result. It comes with the features like stunning slider, custom logo, services and call to action button. It is divided into several sections that are services, portfolio and testimonials. This theme is multipurpose and can be used for other industries as well. This theme is well optimized with SEO and is SMO too. It is compatible with all the browsers and latest version of WordPress. You can customize the theme according to your website requirements. So, this free theme will make your website user friendly.

AquaApp Mobile App Theme Free

Aqua app is a free mobile app WordPress theme which is designed flawlessly with some attractive features. It is designed well to work with the Mobile Apps category business and is that much versatile that the user can customize it for their business mobile applications. This theme is mobile responsive and represent market leading mobile apps. It is useful for launching the mobile and tablet based apps. It is provided with single color scheme options and is simple and easy to use. Moreover, the compatibility with all the browsers and the WordPress latest versions can be noticed easily. The font options of this theme make it extremely amusing. The theme is well managed and optimized with SEO so that there won’t be any feature left to make use of this free mobile app showcase WordPress theme. This theme is drastically used for the mobile apps.

Blue East Free Blog Theme

The Blue East theme is a clean and elegant free blogging theme for the WordPress. It has an amazing mobile friendly layout. It has the compatibility with all browsers and this theme is integrated with CSS3 animations. You can customize it by using your own favicon and logo as there are several options by which you can modify your basis requirements. This theme is highly structured and really easy to use. You can save your customize elements and sections so that you use it in your theme. The arrangements of the elements, layouts and sections can be styled in your own way. This is how, you can save your time, effort and cost in crafting out new pages. So, work with your website by picking up this attractive and eye-gazing WrodPress theme.

Plain Blog Theme Free

Plain Blog theme is highly efficient free WordPress theme, designed with CSS3 and parallax in the background. It is high quality multipurpose WordPress theme and its design is so elegant, simple, clean and minimalistic. These features will maximize the impact and power of your website. The product is compatible with all the devices and browsers. So, it is simple to use and can be customized in your own way. It is divided into many sections making responsive layouts with galleries, portfolio and blogs section. You can make your blog look different from other designs. They are so eye-gazing and beautifully represented and make the clear impact while emphasizing on pictures display. You can make your website looks elegant with our free blog theme.

TheWest Free Multipurpose WordPress Theme

TheWest free theme has an elegant and sleek look. It consists of slider options for images and is free responsive WordPress theme which is designed for small business. You can translate it in your own native language as it is translation ready. Well optimized theme makes your website powerful this theme can be use for any niche or small business such as fitness, portfolio, news, agencies, freelancer, architect, individual consultants and many more. As it has inbuilt big slider, which makes your theme looks awesome. It is built with bootstrap and CSS3. You can customize it according to the requirements of your website. It is optimized with SEO and is SMO friendly too so you can make use of this theme to make you website ranking. So, you are going to get many benefits from this theme.

TrueWest Multipurpose WordPress Theme Free

The TrueWest free multipurpose theme to makes your website looks elegant. It is divided into different sections such as about us, services, testimonials and specifically slider images. You can make as many services headings and description you want to which would be in a list view. It is a free version of feature enriched TrueWest PRO Multipurpose WordPress theme. You can take a live preview of this simple and elegant theme. You can have its customizer settings so that you can modify any panel and section of the theme according to your requirements. It is SEO and SMO friendly and is built with Bootstrap and CSS3. You can use this free WordPress themes for multipurpose.

Simple East Free Blog Theme

Simple East Blog theme is free version of feature enriched WordPress blog theme. It can be used for blogging purpose. It is simple, light and works smoothly. It is integrated with’s Microdata so its value is much higher than any other theme. It is ultra-fast and customizable so that you can modify it in your own way. It is one of the fastest loading themes in the market. It is fully responsive and mobile-ready. It is built with Bootstrap 3.3. You can translate it in your own native language so that it can show its feature of user-friendly. It is SEO and SMO friendly so you don’t need to bother about its optimization. It has recent blogs and menus section for the easy navigation.

North East WrodPress Blog Theme Free

North East is a free version of eye pleasing, North East blog theme. It is built up with image focused blogging in mind. It can be used for travel blogging, photo blogging, wild photography and many more. It has archives, categories, Meta and recent posts section. You can use it for free WordPress image blog theme as well as you can take a live preview so you will get to know more features about this theme. It is well maintained and optimized so that the user will get to your website in large amount. It is fully responsive and mobile ready. You can also translate it in your own native language so that you can attract your website nationwide. It is SEO and SMO friendly.

Light North Free Blog Theme

The light north blog theme is the free version of eye pleasing responsive WordPress blog theme. It is attractive and clean WordPress blog theme that can be used for multiple blogging purposes such as wildlife blogging, photography blogging or text based blogging. It is customizable so that you can give it a different look. It is simple and free WordPress blogging theme. You don’t need to take care of its optimization because it is SEO and SMO friendly. It is built up with Bootstrap 3.3 and CSS3. It is fully mobile friendly. You can customize its images too and add posts, comments, archives and categories etc. It is designed flawlessly with attractive features. So, you can make use of the theme in a different manner for your website.

Air Free One Page WordPress Theme

Air free is a one page parallax free multipurpose WordPress theme. It can be used for any niche or businesses. It is a free version of AIR PRO one page multipurpose theme. This can be used for number of niche such as corporate, individual consultants, architect, freelancer and many more. It provides various sections for slider, welcome section, about us card, statistics, services and testimonials. Its design is awesome and can easily customize according to your website. It has a responsible design and compatible with all browsers and all latest versions of WordPress. It is built up with HTML5 and CSS3. It has attractive design and is SEO, SMO friendly. You can have a live preview of this theme which will help you in analyzing its more features. So, make your website cool and fantastic with the help of this free WordPress theme.