COD Arbitrage Basics: How to Choose the Best Network and Maximise Profits by Partnering With Terraleads

The desire to earn through affiliate networks raises several questions: which direction to choose, what to focus on, and how to select the best payment method. In this article, we will focus on the last point — payment methods. Although there are many payment methods available, most arbitrageurs prefer the COD model. Our article will explain what the COD model is, its advantages, and how to choose the best COD network affiliate.

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An overview of COD arbitrage and its role in marketing

COD (Cash on Delivery) is a payment model where goods are paid for upon receipt. Customers may be hesitant to provide their bank details and pay online due to concerns about scams and loss of earnings. Therefore, the cash on delivery model is more appealing to users, particularly in countries where online shopping is not widely trusted or popular.

For advertisers and publishers, this model is distinct. For the sake of a reminder — advertisers are individuals or companies seeking to attract customers, while publishers actually own the traffic.

The COD model enables advertisers to attract quality and targeted traffic with minimal financial risk. Payment is made upon receipt, which reassures the client when placing an order. Simultaneously, the company receives the lead and pays the publisher only for targeted traffic. This approach allows advertisers to plan and manage their marketing budget effectively.

The COD model offers publishers a great opportunity to be rewarded for the audience they attract. Publishers take no financial risk and are guaranteed a profit. This model is also appealing because it reduces fraud in online sales.

Both advertisers and publishers favour the COD model because it helps to generate more conversions. Customers and clients do not feel a barrier with the company from which they buy a product. They are confident and trust online payment, allowing each link of this co-operation chain to achieve the desired result.

Benefits of partnership with COD networks

The COD model follows the principle of «you give me the goods, I give you the money», which is a long-standing practice. Therefore, people tend to trust companies that operate under this model. The COD network affiliate assists the advertiser in finding suitable publishers and ensures the honesty and integrity of both parties. Partnering with COD networks also offers the following benefits:

  • The pay on receipt model offers minimal financial risk and high conversions. This model is more favourable and understandable, and it attracts more customers, incentivising them to complete the purchase. Users trust this model more, which means they are more likely to favour a certain company.
  • COD networks choose advertisers with a wide range of products and geographic locations to ensure that as many publishers as possible find a favourable offer to promote.
  • COD networks offer a range of tools and technologies to help manage ad campaigns more effectively, such as conversion tracking, analytics, and optimisation tools.

How to choose a suitable COD network

To choose the appropriate COD network that meets your requirements, start by researching online. Identify the popular affiliate networks and their reputation and work history. Analyse customer feedback to understand why they have either terminated or continued their partnership with the network.

An affiliate network should handle a wide range of offers from your area, providing favourable offers for your audience and at the same time for all participants of cooperation. We advise you to pay attention to all available verticals and categories of products or services in the network.

When selecting a COD network affiliate, it is important to consider the commission rates. If the network offers high rewards, it is crucial to also pay attention to the quality of traffic and conversion rates. Additionally, having access to effective tools such as conversion tracking or API integration can greatly enhance your marketing strategy. It is worth noting that COD networks typically have worldwide coverage, increasing the likelihood of finding the desired geo and audience alike.

In addition to the aforementioned conditions for selecting an affiliate network, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Support department. This includes an assessment of the quality, promptness and content of the response, convenience of contact and other parameters.
  • Terms of commission payments are the minimum amount for withdrawal, frequency of payments, available payment methods.

Based on these criteria, it is advisable to select multiple COD networks and compare them to find the one that best suits your needs and marketing strategies. Once you have found a suitable network, you can move on to partnering with it. However, it is important to continue evaluating the effectiveness of the selected network to monitor your development dynamics.

Specifics of working with a COD network for advertisers

The COD model is present in every Tier, and is most prevalent in Tier 2 and Tier 3, where it is not very common to pay by card. But it is not enough to simply opt for this model by adding a pay on delivery service. It is important to set up your operation correctly to attract an audience, get them interested in your products and get a target customer. This is where working with the COD network will truly shine.

After selecting an affiliate network to collaborate with, like TerraLeads, begin testing various creatives and offers. The network will assist in selecting the most effective options and provide tools to track performance. Analyse the results and optimise advertising campaigns to increase conversion rates and maximise profits.

It is just as important for advertisers to track metrics like conversions and ROI. These can be used to identify the most successful strategies you want publishers to work with. Finding quality and reliable publishers is an equally important part of working in affiliate marketing. Their audience must match your target segment so that they choose your products or services.

Optimising the partnership with TerraLeads under the COD model

TerraLeads is a direct nutra advertiser and CPA network that has been operating for over 8 years, providing comprehensive business solutions. During this time, they have amassed over 3,000 COD and SS offers worldwide, including over 100 unique offers not found elsewhere. It is no surprise that the network is trusted by over 50,000 affiliates.

TerraLeads will assist in the selection of the right offer for a particular geo, and will also support in the creation of an advertising campaign for the target audience for which the COD model is suitable. For arbitrage teams and solo arbitrageurs, TerraLeads is prepared to develop a private offer and test several variants of offers in advance. The affiliate network has its own R&D department, which is responsible for creating and testing the package and determining the best variant.

TerraLeads accepts traffic from the following resources: SEO, Facebook, Native Ads, Google Ads. If an arbitrageur has knowledge in driving to a different source, it is possible to arrange for its use in the network upon request to the support team. Fraud and motivated traffic is not tolerated by the affiliate network.


To conclude

The cash-on-delivery (COD) model enables advertisers and publishers to gain the trust of their customers and promote products and services with minimal financial risk. However, successful implementation of the COD model requires the right affiliate network. By partnering with a COD network, you can optimise campaigns, use effective strategies, and reap the benefits of affiliate marketing. TerraLeads is an affiliate network that also acts as a direct advertiser, offering affiliates a comprehensive range of services to choose from.

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