The Best Ways to Use Music as a Marketing Tool on Your Website

Music has the distinct, unique ability to evoke emotions, transport us to different times and places, and provoke an emotional response. It also has the benefit of sticking in our memory. After all, I’m sure many of us can recall an old Juicy Fruit jingle or maybe that corny song from the local hardware store commercial from when we were young.

Music sticks with us because it’s an emotional connection. For companies, this presents a huge opportunity to use music as a marketing tool. When we hear a memorable song, it can be easily associated with your company’s message or brand. Using music to promote your business can take many forms. Whether it’s focused on the benefits of your product, or used as an audio logo, a short piece of music can work wonders for your brand. Here are some of the best ways to make use of music in your own marketing campaigns.

Why is music so powerful as a marketing tool?

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Music has the ability to touch us in ways we cannot necessarily explain. It allows us to be emotionally and spiritually connected to a message, an image, or a product. It has the power to trigger memories and influence moods, making it an effective tool in marketing something. Music can command attention and cause people to recall messages more easily because of their personal associations with the tune, lyrics, or beat.

By employing music correctly and thoughtfully in campaigns, even if it’s just for YouTube videos, marketers can evoke strong emotional reactions and make their brands more memorable. Everyone loves music, so it’s not surprising that businesses have been quick to capitalize on its power as a marketing tool.


A great intro to a marketing video should use music as a way to set the tone and convey necessary emotions that help support your message. When choosing music, start off by selecting the type of music that best fits the genre of your video — consider orchestral, rock, electronic, or something else.

Transform your videos into captivating experiences by seamlessly integrating background music. Elevate your content and evoke emotion as you expertly add music to video, enhancing the overall impact and resonance of your visual storytelling.

Then you’ll want to pick keywords and phrases from your script or slogan and find a tune that either matches those keywords lyrically or instrumentally. Finally, experiment with different versions of the same song.

You can find royalty free music from sources such as Soundstripe and get creative with editing tricks like fading out the end of one phrase and bringing up the next for nice transitions between ideas. With these strategies in use, you can successfully create an impactful introduction for your marketing video.


Choosing the right song can help give viewers closure after viewing the video. It should number along the same lines and mood as the intended message of the video, such as an upbeat track to accompany a positive message or a slower one for a serious tone.

Subtlety is key; rather than having music that stands out too much, it should work in tandem with other elements like visuals and text for maximum effect. All in all, taking even just a few moments to carefully consider what song will best wrap up the marketing video is sure to pay off.


An artfully-crafted montage is a vital part of any successful marketing video. Music can be used to create an engaging montage by elevating the visuals, dictating the tone, and infusing emotion into the video. When choosing music for a montage, it’s important to select a track with a steady tempo and appropriate length. This will help ensure your montage conveys the desired message without becoming visually monotonous.

On top of that, take some time to find music with strong melodies and catchy hooks so that viewers remember your video after they hear just a few seconds of the audio. Doing this will give you maximum return on your montage investment.


Music is an essential element when transitioning between shots in a marketing video. It provides a powerful emotion to capture the audience’s attention, creates a greater impact, builds engagement, and sets the film’s tone. To ensure the best results when using music, it is important to select a soundtrack that suits the mood of each specific scene while also creating continuity with the following shot.

Additionally, sound level should be kept at an appropriate level relative to the video content; too loud or too soft can create distraction or confusion. Lastly, ensure that your selection of music is rights-managed, original music, as there are legal implications associated with using copyrighted material without permission.


Music helps to evoke emotion in viewers, helping to draw them in and keep them engaged with the video. The right piece of background music can also add an extra layer of professionalism and polish to the overall production quality.

When choosing background music for a marketing video, it’s important to take into account energy levels, appropriateness, and volume levels. An upbeat track can set a positive tone for the video and help draw attention from viewers. On the other hand, a softer piece of background music can create a more relaxed mood better suited to slower-paced segments like interviews or customer testimonials.

Finally, be sure to balance your sound mix so that background music isn’t overpowering or distracting from the main content being presented. When done right, background music can help make any video more powerful and engaging.

Where can I find royalty-free music?

When looking for royalty-free music to use in your marketing videos, it can often be an arduous task. Fortunately, there are many sources available both online and off that can help you use music without fear of copyright claims. Some of these sources offer beats that are perfect for highlighting products or services, while others provide an extensive library of music and sound effects.

Additionally, if you’re wondering how to use copyrighted music on YouTube and other social media platforms, you can utilize Creative Commons music and licenses, which allow the sharing and use of certain types of creative content with a few restrictions. You can even use public domain music or YouTube’s audio library with few restrictions. With some research and planning, you will be able to find the perfect soundtrack for your marketing video that doesn’t require costly licensing fees.

The Bottom Line

Music plays an essential role in marketing videos and can be used to set the tone, create impactful montages, transition between shots, and provide a powerful emotion to draw viewers in. When selecting a soundtrack for your video, it’s important to consider energy levels, appropriateness, volume levels, and legal implications. Additionally, there are many sources online that offer a royalty-free music library that can help make your video more professional without breaking the bank, even if you just need some simple music for your YouTube channel. With some careful planning and research, you can find the perfect piece of music that helps to bring your marketing video to life.

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