Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes of 2017

Search Engine Optimization is the most overrated and misunderstood term just like love is. Everybody wants to get there but nobody knows the answer to HOW. Most websites are launched without actually planning about SEO. This is only going to make things worse down the drain. A smart person would have the SEO strategy ready beforehand.

WordPress is the most preferred  CMS across the world. Be it a company owner, blogger or a retailer, everybody chooses WordPress for its simplicity and effectiveness. A technology enthusiast as well as a non-technical person can easily use and customize WordPress to meet the requirement. Various researches reveal that WordPress is used by 25% of the website owners across the globe. Eventually, competition to come at the first place or first page of Search Engine Result Page increases. As a result, SEO becomes more important.

Luckily, you have SEO friendly WordPress themes available that you simply need to incorporate. To embark on the journey of success, here are few SEO friendly themes you can select from:

Top 5 SEO Friendly WordPress Themes 2017

Simple East Blog Theme

It is the fastest loading theme available in the market. Website loading speed has a direct impact on SEO. User experience is mainly dependent on how much time your website takes to load/open. It must be less than 3 seconds. Google Algorithm considers this as an important factor for ranking. Hence, by using this theme you will improve your SEO for sure. Other than this, here are the few other features of this theme that improve your website’s SEO:

  • Mobile Responsiveness: Web crawlers love mobile responsive websites. This is because of the increased number of mobile users. Mobile users contribute more than 60% of your audience. Therefore, using this theme, you can ensure that you are not missing out on any mobile users. Eventually, your SEO ranking will improve.
  • Layout Structure: When the search engine bots crawl to understand the entire information displayed on website, they look for easy navigation. This theme has an SEO friendly structure. Better internal linking is incorporated with the use of Breadcrumbs.
  • Schema Markup: Every popular search engine uses to get their content indexed in an effective manner. You don’t need to worry about this anymore if you choose to integrate this SEO friendly WordPress theme.
  • Social Media Integration: SEO and SMM are two different things. That being said, Social Media Marketing has a direct impact on SEO. To acquire traffic from your social media channels, this theme provides you an option to integrate all major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Well, the list does not end here. This amazing SEO friendly WordPress theme offers you various other benefits such as inbuilt advertising capabilities, advanced typography, multiple layout options, the list goes on and on. Have a live demo now and choose for yourself.

Space North App Theme

This theme can show you simplicity at its best. Simple and user friendly themes are preferred by web crawlers over the themes that are complex. You can cater to all the SEO needs using this theme. Have a quick look on following points that make this theme one of the best SEO friendly themes of 2017:

  • Clean Code: Using Bootstrap 3.3 and HTML5, the code for this theme is utterly clean. This lets the crawlers index content quickly. Hence, your website hops on to top ranks using this theme.
  • Mobile App Theme: Used majorly for showcasing mobile applications on web, this theme is responsive for all types of mobile devices.
  • Social Media Support: Inbuilt social media sharing buttons let you get all your traffic from various social media channels that you use for your business promotion. This does not fall under SEO directly. However, it has a huge impact on it.

Other salient feature of this theme is that it has a smart layout to display your app’s video and screenshots. It also has a testimonial section where you can put your client’s feedback about your service or product.


When it comes to clean themes, web crawlers simply love it. Infinity SEO friendly WordPress theme can improve your website rankings as it has a structured layout that is easy to understand by crawlers. Here are a few exciting features of Infinity theme:

  • Cross-browser Compatibility: Website that runs on all browsers is necessary to reach out to all types of users.
  • SEO friendly theme: Infinity has been designed as per SEO algorithms making it easier for you to get in the top rankings of Search Engines.


This utterly handy theme has been built keeping SEO as a crucial factor. Clementine is adopted by people who prefer to give their website an elegant touch. Here are a few amazing features that Clementine provides to its users:

  • Google Maps Integration: If you want to use maps in your website, then choose Clementine SEO friendly theme.
  • Social Media Icons: As an integral part of Social Media Marketing, this feature has a direct impact on SEO. So take advantage of your social media channels through these icons on your website.


With Schema SEO friendly WordPress theme, you can easily save your money by not hiring any SEO Specialist. Schema can help you get among the top Search Engine Results Page. Here is how it can help you meet your SEO needs:

  • Google Algorithm Friendly: Schema has been developed keeping all SEO techniques in mind. In no way, search engine bots will ignore your website if you have used Schema theme.
  • 100% Responsive theme: For the sake of love of web crawlers, Schema has been made completely responsive. You simply get the benefit of reaching out to all sorts of user.
  • Clearly Identified Content: High-quality content is often underestimated because of the time and energy it consumes. However, it gets you the most of your valuable customers. Schema provides you with layout where you can provide your users a great user experience.

Next time, somebody tells you to hire an SEO specialist, tell them that you don’t need one as you have an SEO friendly WordPress theme. You get to save money as well as time and your website has better rankings as a result. If you know any other better SEO friendly theme, feel free to comment and we will analyze it.


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